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Episode 41 of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less—Show!

The Oppression of Women & Climate Change: How Capitalism Is Holding Us Back.

This episode will look at two critical questions highlighted in Bob Avakian's New Year's Statement. First, the oppression of women and the changes in their position in society. Second, the destruction of the environment, where BA reveals how capitalism-imperialism is the essence of the problem. Join our hosts Andy Zee and Sunsara Taylor as they get into all this.

International Women's Day is coming, and a revolutionary fight for women's liberation is needed! The role of women in the world and at home has changed profoundly in the last few decades. But why is it that even after many changes in society, such as women entering the professions and public life, the oppression of women has not been ended but instead has taken on new forms? How does capitalism-imperialism play a role in the continued subjugation of women? 

We've seen wildfires blazing out of control, summers getting hotter and intense deep freezes, but what does this tell us about where we are at with the threat of climate change? Is there anything we can do about this? And despite the removal of the anti-science, fascist Trump/Pence regime, why is it that Biden, the Democrats, and the imperialist world leaders can only bring more destruction and not a real solution to this crisis?

We'll watch a clip from Bob Avakian where he makes it clear: "Capitalism-imperialism is the real nightmare for humanity. And it's not even a good idea on paper."


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