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One week only! March 22-29

Special Benefit to Support Revolution Books

Online video guided tour
by Dr. Nicole Fleetwood of the exhibit
Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration 

We are excited to announce that Dr. Nicole Fleetwood and MOMA-PS1 (Museum of Modern Art Queens Annex) are sharing with the Revolution Books community Dr. Fleetwood's video guided tour of the exhibit she curated: Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration. Big thanks to MOMA-PS1 and Dr. Fleetwood. 

Your donation at Eventbrite will give you online access to Dr. Fleetwood's 56-minute video tour at any time between March 22 and March 29. She offers this online video tour so viewers can experience this wonderful exhibit during the pandemic, and to support Revolution Books: the bookstore that is the beacon for a whole new world. 

Seven selected works from the Exhibition

Open at MOMA-PS1 through April 4, Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration shows the powerful and inspiring art created by 44 men and women in the hellish conditions of the U.S. prison system — holding more than 2 million people, more than any other country in history, in the "land of the free." 

This art is full of feeling and meaning...it is beautiful...and a passionate declaration of the humanity of those, mostly people of color, whom this system degrades, despises, and casts off. 

Dr. Nicole Fleetwood, noted art scholar and Professor of American Studies and Art History at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, curated this unique exhibit. Her book documenting this art work was selected by The New York Times as one of the best art books of 2020. More about Dr. Fleetwood here

Dr. Nicole Fleetwood presents her exhibit at MOMA-PS1, as seen in the video tour

How it will work:

When you donate at Eventbrite you will receive a link to view Dr. Fleetwood's 56-minute online video tour of Marking Time any time between March 22-29.

All donations matter! 
Give as generously as you can so that Revolution Books can be sustained and supported as an even more powerful and accessible resource to bring about a world where the chains are no more.

  • School and non-profit groups of 10 or more: $7.50 for each viewer
  • Individual viewers: suggested donations $15 | $50 | $75 or an amount of your choice - no one turned away
  • Donate $150 or more: includes copy of Nicole Fleetwood's book, Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration 

Revolution Books also carries Dr. Nicole Fleetwood's book online and in our physical storefront. 

Everyone: thank you for supporting Revolution Books, and we look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with you!

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“Those this system has cast off, those it has treated as less than human, can be the backbone and driving force of a fight not only to end their own oppression, but to finally end all oppression, and emancipate all of humanity.”

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