The Revolution Club is how to take part in and powerfully represent for the revolution in an organized way, as you learn more about the revolution and advance toward joining the Party.

What is the Revolution Club doing and learning?  How are we working actively, vigorously, tirelessly to hasten the development of things to the time when we can make revolution? 

Read reports, snapshots and reflections from members of the Revolution Club wielding these basic points of orientation with Bob Avakian's "New Year’s Statement" as the central focus and instrument, and "Bob Avakian For The Liberation of Black People And The Emancipation Of All Humanity" as an important supplement to really win people to revolution based on the new communism and the leadership of BA.


Planting seeds, setting terms, and bringing forward new followers

Reflections from a Revolution Tour Member

After a long winter, the revcoms on the National Revolution Tour are hitting the streets again… to the masses, with revolution. We are out with a new orientation and new materials and analysis, and seeking to plant the seeds today for a harvest so urgently needed… principally wielding Bob Avakian’s New Year’s Statement, as well as the piece “Bob Avakian for the Liberation of Black People and the Emancipation of All Humanity,” we are out to make big advances over this next period towards organizing thousands of people into this revolution, to follow Bob Avakian and the path he is forging. Very crucially, we are stepping to people with this: If you wanna get free, then you need to follow BA.

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Planting SEEDS at a skate park in South Central, LA



Planting SEEDS at a skate park in South Central, Los Angeles



In a skate park in South Central, Los Angeles



Organizing for revolution in South Central, Los Angeles


Spreading the SEEDS in South Central, LA



Organizing for revolution in Compton



Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution

A speech by Bob Avakian
In two parts:



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Taking "Bob Avakian For The Liberation Of Black People And The Emancipation of All Humanity" to people in South Central, LA



Noche Diaz talking to skater youth in South Central, Los Angeles



Some Initial Experience
Setting Terms with Revolution and the Need to Follow BA if You Want to Get Free
“Okay, who is this leader?”

…At one skate park, we had some discussions with a group of Black men (different ages, mainly older). One guy was arguing that we can deal with oppression by putting Black faces in high places. We re-set the terms with what BA represents: getting to the root of the problem, making revolution that uproots this system and replaces it, that BA has written a Constitution laying out how we would rebuild a different society. This guy then said: “Okay who is this leader?” He didn’t want to give us a way to reach him, but donated $10 and was going to look more into BA.



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