Largest Protest in History across Israel, Gaza, and West Bank



On May 18, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Israel, along with Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, went on general strike and took to the streets protesting the Gaza war, the Israeli occupation, discrimination and violence against Palestinian citizens of Israel, and the expulsions of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem. It was one of the largest protests, if not the largest ever, within Israel—where there is a long history of Palestinian resistance to their oppression. 

For the first time in years, the protests involved Palestinians who face different forms of oppression under Israel: those locked down in Gaza, which functions like a massive outdoor prison; those subjected to constant abuse and terror in territories occupied by Israel in a war in 1967; and those living within Israel proper who are second class citizens in conditions similar to those faced by Black people in the Jim Crow South in the U.S. in the period before the civil rights movement:

Demonstrators gathered in central squares, waving Palestinian flags:

“Strike for Dignity” in Bethlehem, occupied West Bank. Credit: @yumna_patel

Signs, chants and speeches condemned Israel’s apartheid-like oppression of the Palestinian people:

Ramallah, West Bank. Credit: @Lemapal

Brutal Israeli repression injured dozens:


The general strike followed days of worldwide protests:



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