From People Who Lost Loved Ones to Violence on the Streets:

“We call on everyone who wants to end this madness to donate to the National Revolution Tour”



We have felt the pain of having lost loved ones to the violence of the streets. We live with the weight of this loss every day. We are filled with anguish every time we hear news of someone else gunned down due to this insanity. But unlike so many who blame the youth for what they are caught up in or despair that this can never change, we know that it doesn't have to be this way.

We know the truth of what Bob Avakian (BA) says that one of the monstrous crimes of this system is “the way this system messes people up and gets them thinking and acting in messed up ways—and especially how this system denies the youth a decent future, forcibly confines so many in miserable conditions and gets them caught up in fighting and killing each other.”

BA has forged a way out of this madness, through revolution. And there are people actively working NOW to make that real on the National Revolution Tour at the heart of a strategy “to bring forth and organize a revolutionary force of thousands, and then millions, from many different parts of society—and especially youth whose anger, frustration and desperation to make a mark in this world and be respected needs to be, and can be, transformed into determination to put an end to this system and to bring a radically different and much better world into being—to become emancipators of humanity.”

We call on everyone who wants to end this madness to donate to this tour.


Hank Brown, Roosevelt Burrell, Gloria Pinex, John Packard

PS. You can listen to BA read this entire piece, “Weapons of Oppression and the Heart to Fight to End Oppression.”


Read it here.



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