REVCOM.US—September 22, 2019


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Sunday September 22, Washington D.C.

to consider and plan for sustained nonviolent mass protest beginning this October.

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We must take to the streets in non-violent protest, week-after-week, becoming day-after-day, not stopping until the single unifying demand is met: THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO – NOW!



Watch a clip “What Are We Facing?” from the video of a talk by Bob Avakian.

Watch the entire talk here:

How serious a threat does the Trump/Pence regime pose to humanity? Could fascism really happen here? What is the character of the regime-is it fascist, and if it is, what are the implications? What are the roots of this regime? Is it a terrible aberration, “more of the same”… or something different still? What must be done to stop it? How? Is a better world possible?

Bob Avakian On Revolution
And The Fight Against Fascism

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