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There is an urgent need for this new synthesis to be taken up, broadly, in this society and in the world as a whole: everywhere people are questioning why things are the way they are, and whether a different world is possible; everywhere people are talking about “revolution” but have no real understanding of what revolution means, no scientific approach to analyzing and dealing with what they are up against and what needs to be done; everywhere people are rising up in rebellion but are hemmed in, let down and left to the mercy of murderous oppressors, or misled onto paths which only reinforce, often with barbaric brutality, the enslaving chains of tradition; everywhere people need a way out of their desperate conditions, but do not see the source of their suffering and the path forward out of the darkness.

—Bob Avakian

From THE NEW COMMUNISM: The science, the strategy, the leadership for an actual revolution, and a radically new society on the road to real emancipation


BA Everywhere—Imagine the Difference It Could Make!
Why and how it is key to changing the world—to making revolution

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BA on BA

BAsics 6:11

"Why am I—why is my body of work, and method and approach—important? Because this is bringing forward an advanced understanding, a heightened understanding, of what revolution and communism are all about and how to move toward the objective of revolution and communism, as well as a method for engaging and struggling through the contradictions that are inevitably going to be encountered in that process.…"
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Cornel West on BA

"My dear brother Bob Avakian... is the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party.... He is one of the few coming out of the '60s who never sold out, he never caved in, he never gave up, held on to his forging of a rigorous, scientific analysis of the objective realities that are driven by a revolutionary love—because he has such a deep love for poor people, oppressed people, all around the world. Whether you agree or disagree with our brother, one thing you cannot deny: that he is the real thing. No doubt about it."

Cornel West, introducing his interview with Bob Avakian on the Smiley & West radio show (October 5, 2012)

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Cornel West interviews Bob Avakian

Announcing: The Launch of a Pathbreaking
New Book from
Bob Avakian:

The science, the strategy​,​ the leadership for an actual revolution, and a radically new society on the road to real emancipation

September 5, 2016

Very soon, a pathbreaking new book from Bob Avakian will be published: THE NEW COMMUNISM: The science, the strategy, the leadership for an actual revolution, and a radically new society on the road to real emancipation.

This work is being released at a time of unspeakable and unnecessary suffering from one corner of the globe to the other—millions driven from their homes by unjust wars and environmental destruction, rampant violence and hatred against women, relentless murder and brutality against Black and Brown people by police in the U.S., vicious attacks on immigrants, and much more. It comes as well at a time of tremendous upheaval, with powerful resistance breaking out and people taking bold stands, and with many more being shaken into political life—and deeply disgusted—by not only by the fascism of Trump, but also the war crimes and lies of Clinton and the Democrats.

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Getting The New Communism Everywhere

September 5, 2016

The publication of THE NEW COMMUNISM: The science, the strategy, the leadership for an actual revolution, and a radically new society on the road to real emancipation is a major opening to really promote BA and his analysis of the problem and solution and the whole scientific method he’s taken to another level—and that requires organization! To begin with, it’s time to re-forge the BA Everywhere Committees and take them to a much higher level.

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Taking Bob Avakian's New Synthesis of Communism to Academic Sociology Conferences

"Wow, I've never thought of that..."

by Annie Day

September 5, 2016

Last week, I joined a few volunteers with The Bob Avakian Institute to attend two academic conferences of sociologists that were happening back-to-back. There were thousands of people there digging into a whole range of important questions: the environmental disaster, the study of social movements, mass incarceration and the role of the police, the history of capitalism and slavery, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, the different forms the oppression of women is taking internationally, the conditions of immigrants and refugees, and much more. Some of these sociologists were aiming to study questions from a more theoretical vantage point and others were working to have their studies lead to more concrete policy changes. There were grad students working on their PhDs to prominent academics from all across the country, and some internationally. In line with the mission of The BA Institute, we went with the aim of promoting the serious engagement with the new synthesis of communism which represents a revolution in human thought.

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Bob Avakian (BA) has made a historic breakthrough for human emancipation

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July 18, 2016

These are turbulent times. Old orders are straining, societies are polarizing, and people are in motion... Will the fabric of society and this system be stitched back together with continuing, and possibly even more horrendous consequences for humanity and the planet? Or is there a radically different alternative that charts a viable path towards the emancipation of all of humanity? That is the question beneath the turmoil, upheaval and questioning.

In fact, there IS a way out of this madness and horror, represented by BA and his work and leadership. But this work and leadership is not known in society widely, either among the vast majority of the world’s oppressed who need this most, or to those who question this world and want a radically better one. The BA Everywhere fundraising campaign is about changing this.

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Fundraising Dinners for BA Everywhere:

"If you care about the horrific state of the world, if you yearn for humanity to be free, you are in the right place."

March 21, 2016

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There is the potential for something of unprecedented beauty to arise out of unspeakable ugliness: Black people playing a crucial role in putting an end, at long last, to this system which has, for so long, not just exploited but dehumanized, terrorized and tormented them in a thousand ways—putting an end to this in the only way it can be done—by fighting to emancipate humanity, to put an end to the long night in which human society has been divided into masters and slaves, and the masses of humanity have been lashed, beaten, raped, slaughtered, shackled and shrouded in ignorance and misery.

Bob Avakian, Chairman, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

See "Prisoners Respond to Bob Avakian’s Quote on Fundamentalist Islamic Jihad: Islamic Fundamentalist Jihadism: NOT A Radical Alternative…Just Another Form of Vicious Oppression"

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FOR ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT THE STATE OF THE WORLD and the condition of humanity and agonizes over whether fundamental change is really possible, this landmark work provides a sweeping and comprehensive orientation, foundation, and guide to making the most radical of revolutions: a communist revolution aimed at emancipating humanity – getting beyond all forms of oppression and exploitation on a world scale.

THE AUTHOR, BOB AVAKIAN, IS THE ARCHITECT OF A NEW SYNTHESIS OF COMMUNISM.  This new synthesis is a continuation of, but also represents a qualitative leap beyond, and in some important ways a break with, communist theory as it had been previously developed.  Avakian has written this book in such a way as to make even complex theory accessible to a broad audience.  In this book, he draws on his decades of work advancing the science of communism and his experience as a revolutionary communist leader, including leading the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, as its Chairman since its founding in 1975.

THIS IS A PATHBREAKING WORK, one that scientifically analyzes the system of capitalism-imperialism and its unresolvable contradictions; confronts the challenges facing the movement for revolution; and forges a way forward to making an actual revolution in this country, as part of contributing to communist revolution internationally.

What People Are Saying About Bob Avakian and THE NEW COMMUNISM

During a recent event at Revolution Books in Harlem a patron presented reservations about a revolution, citing Malcolm X and that it would be bloody.  This is an issue that Bob Avakian, as always, meets head on without equivocation in his latest book The New Communism.  “You don’t make a revolution without tremendous sacrifice,” Avakian writes. This is a reality, he continued, “…you have to go through to get to a better world.” In this book, Avakian honestly and perceptively handles a number of questions about the difficulties of bringing about a total change in an oppressive system.  It is a valuable addition to his corpus of work; a splendid exegesis of revolutionary potential.

Herb Boyd, author of the forthcoming Black Detroit—A People's Struggle for Self-Determination (Amistad Press, 2017)

Bob Avakian is a fearless revolutionary fighter for the poor and oppressed people throughout the world. From what I see of him throughout my years in the struggle, Avakian has dedicated his life to addressing everything that stands in the way of people getting free, and this book is a product of all that work. Anybody who looks at the world and sees police getting away with murder or people driven from their homes in countries around the world by wars and wonders what, if anything, can be done to stop things like this from happening again and again needs to read The New Communism.

Nicholas Heyward—Father of Nicholas Heyward, Jr.—murdered by New York Police Dept. in 1994

Bob Avakian has made trenchant observations and brought insightful analyses to a host of problems confronting contemporary society. He is genuinely concerned about the plight of the masses and has given much critical thought regarding proposed solutions for their uplift.

Norm R. Allen, Jr., author and founder of African Americans for Humanism

...I particularly enjoyed how BA stated the new constitution is constructed in such a way that you have to repeatedly win the masses of people to stay on the socialist road and ultimately communism. The very last sentence is an in-depth dialogue in its own right, continually winning people over to take up all manner of contradictions, including ones that the dogs put in your way to turn people against you.

I was likewise struck by the way BA issued the challenge that more people should be grappling with the new constitution to show what kind of society we’re fighting for of course. But also to convey how heavy all this is.

Excerpt from Letter from a California prisoner, on reading a pre-publication copy of THE NEW COMMUNISM

Having gone and listened to a live, public Bob Avakian speech, as I have, is to be exposed to one of the most provocative, serious and controversial social thinkers of our time. He's an American original who should be heard, debated and critiqued for these dramatic and troubling times.

James Vrettos, professor, John Jay College, NYC

Before I was released from prison, I had the opportunity to read BA’s latest work, The Science, The Strategy, The Leadership for An Actual Revolution, and A Radically New Society on the Road to Real Emancipation. This talk which he gave the summer of 2015 touched on a lot of significant points in a very concise manner, while at the same time reinforced key contradictions that we must become better at. The more we strive to reorient people towards approaching the problem and solution from a scientific approach, the better we will be overall in creating a material force—a movement for revolution—that will be capable of carrying out a real revolution in this imperialist country, and once successful, expanding that material basis on an international scale. Because in the last analysis, communism is about fundamentally transforming the whole world and being emancipators of all of humanity not just the proletarians and basic masses within the borders of the United States.

Excerpt from Letter from an ex-prisoner, on reading a pre-publication copy of THE NEW COMMUNISM

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"You can't change the world if you don't know the BAsics." BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian is a book of quotations and short essays that speaks powerfully to questions of revolution and human emancipation.

A New Theoretical Framework for a New Stage of Communist Revolution What is New in the New Synthesis? An Explorer, a Critical Thinker, a Follower of BA; Understanding the World, And Changing It For the Better, In the Interests of Humanity Some Thank Yous That Need To Be Said Aloud Order the book here Download the full interview in PDF format here

Excerpt from a talk by BA titled "The Strategic Approach to Revolution and Its Relation to Basic Questions of Epistemology and Method":

The Ensemble of Revolutionary Work Now

"So, I want to begin by talking about why is BA Everywhere the 'leading edge' of this overall ensemble..."

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