Some Thoughts On The National Tour

More On Putting the Problems and Needs of the Revolution Before the Masses



Revolutionaries, even very new people, have to get together (meet) not just to get further enlightened and “educated” by being exposed to advanced materials and more developed leaders, but also to begin to talk with others (even very informally) about the needs of the revolution, the problems of the revolution, and their own ideas and insights about how to break through these problems.

It is not just... people who have been in and around the Clubs for some time who should do this—we should be learning how to have some “quick and simple” organizing meetings with brand new people, right as they begin to turn their faces in the right direction. These should be lively and dynamic, and while they should be led (so as to prevent them from going off into twenty million unproductive directions), this should be done with a light touch that works to allow air to breathe and initiative and questioning on the part of the new people present—new people should feel at one and the same time that this is all very serious (with a very developed strategy and seasoned innovative leadership at the helm, which they are going to be helped to engage and learn more about), but also that this is very exciting and challenging (and even fun) and, very importantly, that their own ideas about what is holding people back and how to break through and spread news of the revolution to millions, and organize thousands now, is something others present want to listen to and it’s something everybody, no matter how new, can get into batting around and implementing. It is the start of what it feels like to be in a “unit” (or a “team”) of revolutionaries, and it is what will make some at least want to “come back” on a more regular basis. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Tour is working to develop a mass movement for revolution, and to develop an organized force growing into thousands in the near term, and to provide entry level points for new people to not only learn, and not only get involved in concrete practice, but also right from the start get drawn into wrangling (with others, of different levels and abilities, and from different sections of society etc) with 5-2-6 and how to both meet the needs, and solve the current problems, of the revolution.

If we increasingly do “on the spot” or “same day” meetings, it is important that we have figured out ahead of time what the next “time and place” to continue this is going to be (and maybe the new people can help figure that out too). The point is that we do have to have a vision of “revolutionaries getting together regularly” in some form (even if fairly briefly and informally a lot of the time), otherwise we can’t organize and consolidate.


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