Net Zero Carbon Emissions? Capitalism is Destroying the Planet – Only Revolution Gives Humanity a Real Chance to Save It


We confront a planet on fire, and a global system of capitalism-imperialism that has utterly failed to stop climate change and has instead injected more and more carbon into the air, year after year.

This event will include a critique of Net Zero, the framework advanced by Biden and most of the world’s governments to supposedly stop the crisis. It will draw from the article: Net Zero Carbon Emissions: A Beginner's Guide to An Imperialist Fraud at

“Net zero” is NOT the answer, but a cover for continuing “business as usual”. We need to break out of the framework of “business as usual,” to end the massive injection of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and to radically transform the way human society interacts with the rest of the planet. We need a real revolution.

graphic of earth on fire