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The forum is focusing discussion on the New Year's Statement from Bob Avakian, A NEW YEAR, THE URGENT NEED FOR A RADICALLY NEW WORLD—FOR THE EMANCIPATION OF ALL HUMANITY, and related questions.

We have posted, to begin, questions that were raised by participants during the February 6 "Zoom into the Revolution" online seminar. We invite everyone to submit your own comments and questions, including responding to those of other participants in this forum.

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In this comment - the author states that many left/neo-liberals are of the same mindset in terms of the regimentation of society. I want to dispute this. There is a huge difference between those who want to see an END to white supremacy and those who want to uphold it, a difference between those who wants to see woman emancipated and those who want to see women slammed backwards, a difference between America first and those who don't believe the lie that American lives are more important than others. If you can't see the difference between those two ideas, you are going to be taking people to a world of hurt. We have to look at things as they actually are not how we wished them to be, so you see where the possibility actually lies put an end to all forms of oppression.

On page 7 of the new statement ( if you have the pamphlet) he talks about some of where this "alt right" came from, owing to changes that have occurred in the last few decades, changes in the capitalist imperialist economy, ( all of which I won't get into here, he gets into a lot of it in the New Year's statement and it's worth understanding) and changes in the social structure and social composition of this economy, the emergence of a Black middle class, women stepping into the workforce and out of the household, which have undermined "traditional" forms of oppression without however leading to "ending the oppression but establishing and enforcing it in new forms, while provoking what is a truly a deranged, sadistic, and often violent reaction on the part of the sectors of society who have identified their interests with the traditional forms of oppression."

I think the question is does a polarization exist already, what is that rooted in, and what would actually be required to do away with it? And could you do that SHORT of overthrowing the system and replacing it with a far better system? Or are you just going to be able to convince 73 million people to stop being racist and hating women?

I think that evidence has shown historically that this is something that you will never really be able to even fully do as long as you have an economic system ( capitalism) that is re-enforcing this notion and creating these divisions over and over again, and giving rise to the ideas that correspond to maintaining that system.

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