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The forum is focusing discussion on the New Year's Statement from Bob Avakian, A NEW YEAR, THE URGENT NEED FOR A RADICALLY NEW WORLD—FOR THE EMANCIPATION OF ALL HUMANITY, and related questions.

We have posted, to begin, questions that were raised by participants during the February 6 "Zoom into the Revolution" online seminar. We invite everyone to submit your own comments and questions, including responding to those of other participants in this forum.

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In short: Fascism is one form of rule of capitalism-imperialism. Specifically, to cite BA's New Year's Statement,

"fascism is 'open and aggressive dictatorship, trampling on and perverting the rule of law, relying on violence and terror, on behalf of the predatory capitalist system and as an extreme attempt to deal with profound social division and acute crises (both within the country and in the global arena).' While this might hold things together, in an extremely negative way, for a certain period, in the final analysis this cannot succeed—cannot indefinitely preserve this system of capitalism-imperialism, and cannot lead to any future but one of horrors for humanity, if indeed we have a future at all." (internal quote from BA's August 1 statement).

I'm not sure what OP means by 'inherent' here - if it is that fascism will inherently result from the capitalist system, I do not think this can be supported. It happens to be the way things are tending within particular countries and of course globally as these crises are unfolding, with the environmental crisis, mass migration, etc., but it's not bound to go in that direction. But conversely, fascism is one form of rule OF CAPITALISM, not of some other system. It's not some 'third way' or something like that.

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