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...does this emphasis on Avakian's philosophy capture the real urgency of the world issues in realistic and feasible methods... 0
Does BA seriously think that the name—the words—“The New Communism” will ever fly in the USA? 4
In the new communism, how do we value each other’s time? 0
We may need a “revolution”—but not Communist. 0 should we struggle with the fact that the "decent people" are plentiful of anti-scientific approach,... 0
Can you specifically speak to the details of the “openings” for revolution in these seismic “jolts” in society... 1
How can we overcome the system from the higher levels which is run by owners? 0
How do we break on through to the other side in terms of struggling with people ... 0
How do you get people to see the truth about capitalism and changing what they don’t see here in capitalism? 0
How does BA account for subtle influences like social engineering which has played a huge role in current divisiveness? 0
My main concern is the aspect of "polarization"... 1
seeing a connection between the situation of daily life... things like police brutality that are right here and those people out there in DC and all that are so far removed from our experience 0
How exactly is fascism related to and rooted in capitalism-imperialism? 1
Time not being on our side both in relation to fascism and the environment... 0 much do we need to know about what happened in Russia and China?... 1
I am assuming the struggle of BLM or Afro-Marxism or other important identity groups run counter to BA’s critique?... 0
in 2020...many Black forces argued this is our struggle which others can join, but our struggle. Explain why this isn’t a winning strategy. 1
why beautiful mass risings [against police murders]... did not contribute to enforce or join up and unite with important struggle against Trump/Pence fascism? 0
In one of BA’s writings I read recently, he said something to the effect of: “The people are going to have to realize that they’ll have to give up their religions.” Seriously? 0
Will religious activities be prohibited? 1
...what is the actual formula to achieve the true liberation of humanity? 0
Ask a scientist to answer why the scientists in other fields do not follow scientist method regarding communism. 1
how and why is it possible to apply a scientific method to the incredible diversity of human society. 0
How can I tell what is objective truth? 0
How do we describe the scientific method itself abstracted from a particular application of that method? 0
One thing I run up against all the time is the argument that objective truth is part of white supremacy culture. 0
reality is indeed self-awareness defined by one's experience, yet yes... there is an OBJECTIVE reality... 0
The scientific method is what leads to truth, but is it infallible? 0
What does the process of extending science to human society and all its relations/factors look like? 0
What does the word "contradiction" mean in the context of communist analysis of society? 0
What was the thesis, the control experiments? 0
Can humanity be truly emancipated with the existence of a state even if it is a socialist state? 1
Science is based on evidence. where's the evidence of communist society? 2
When a social system is established, how will truth be ascertained and by whom? 0