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A key organizing tool for this Revolution is the 5-2-6 and the slogan, Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution. For more on this, including the need, character, strategy and leadership of this Revolution, watch Bob Avakian in Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution.

This forum is a place where people grapple with HOW to build the revolution in line with the 5-2-6 ... what we are learning, thinking, doing, running up against ... our understanding and questions in relation to The Revolution We Need, The Leadership We Have in Bob Avakian … exchanging experiences, learning from each other. This is the purpose of the moderated forumall contributing to HOW we can bring the revolution closer and help revolutionary leadership.

Discussion and debate of these topics, getting into both agreements and disagreements honestly and with respect for each other, is part of being a revolutionary people that can take responsibility in a scientific way for understanding and changing the world.

The forum is moderated—unprincipled attacks on the revolution and its leadership will not be published. Comments that are not consistent with the 6 Points of Attention (POAs) may be edited or deleted, as will irrelevant comments.

Regularly, and as much as possible, daily, we will post selections of what you have sent us—and where necessary, editors' comments and responses, direction on where to go to find out more, and tools you can use to organize. As we go forward, we hope to add more forum topics such as on the new communism, history of communist revolutions, history of the US, art and culture, science and philosophy, etc.


gender, trans, women and communism

As men and women become more equal in the transition to communism, gender relations will inevitably change radically. The oxford definition of gender is: either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. To be clear, when I refer to gender in this I am talking about the social relations associated with sex and not sex itself. Gender reflects the relations people relate to eachother, the economic base, and how each of the sexes relate to the rest of society. In this writing I am going to refer to people by their biological sex to avoid confusion. Since the 1950s especially, females have strained against economic relations binding females to the home and reproduction and have fought back against male supremacy, in dialectical relation with the struggle of lgbt+ people. With the help of heightened American parasitism, traditional gender roles are now breaking down particularly in the younger generations, and especially in the middle strata. For people in the lower strata, gender oppression is more acute. There is still a long way to go, especially in regards to transgender people who are constantly dehumanized, discrimited against, raped and murdered at very high rates. Trans people need to be paid special attention by anyone ruling a society in the interest of the people.

Communists know in order to end the oppression of females the entire economic base and superstructure needs to be radically transformed. Social relations between males and females, and their relationship to society, will change very rapidly when revolution happens, and that will be continually transformed until communism. I imagine we would stop color coding babies right away, but things like de-segregated bathrooms would take longer to achieve. Eventually we could stop calling people “Hes and Shes” (gendered pronouns) although achieving that would be much easier to achieve in English and Spanish, I imagine. And as females and males become equal, will we need gender at all? Of course there are biological differences between females and males, and there will probably be different cultural trends in the different populations, masculinity and femininity will probably still exist in some forms, but no cultural trends would be assigned to people based on their chromosomes. Of course the different sexes will have different needs, but sex will be seen as any other bodily characteristic, like hair color or height. The question of whether gender will exist (or will gender be assigned to individuals by sex) is of critical importance to transpeople/nonbinary, but also plays a big role in the oppression of women. To paraphrase Bob Avakian, ‘we must enable women as fully as men to participate in society’, would that even be possible if gender still exists? An analogy can be drawn between the withering away of the state and of gender. The state will have to be radically transformed after revolution, and then wither away, but even in communism there might be remnants of a state, such as guards protecting things or people that are important or vulnerable. In a classless, stateless and genderless society, there still might be some segregation of males and females, in things like professional sports or healthcare. People will no longer be seen as women or men, but as human beings whose sex is a secondary and mostly trivial part of them. I think there needs to be some further and more scientific analysis of this and how would the vanguard lead people in the direction of a genderless communsim, if it is possible.

Hi, my question is around fighting for trans rights. My question is, how as communists should we approach transgender participation in competitive sports? Sports are currently divided up by sex, and many argue that it is unfair for transgender women (who transitioned from man to woman) to participate in women's sports. Because allegedly people who are born to the male sex have inborn superior athletic ability.

Is there any science that has been done on this subject? How in a different society would we approach athletics? How do we understand the difference between between world records held by male and female sexed athletes? to what degree is the difference social, and to what degree is this biological? is there any connection at all between biological sex and athletic ability?


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