Harlem Bake Sale Raises $700+ for BA Everywhere

December 25, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


A long time friend of the revolution volunteered her home and kitchen as the hub for baking sweet potato pies for the Fund-Raising Bake Sale. A number of people gathered at the house on Saturday. This included new and not so new supporters of the revolution, along with Revolution Club members, and people who were just learning about BA and some who've been around for awhile. One man from the Bronx, just introduced to BA through the Premiere Celebration of Stepping Into The Future at Mist Harlem, personally directed the baking of the first batch of pies. We watched the opening disc of BA Speaks: Revolution - Nothing Less!, had lively conversation and shared stories and experiences.

On the day we prepared more than 30 Sweet Potato Pies and many dozens of cookies, brownies and assorted treats. Deliveries were organized from our hub. We have made over $900 in sales. We have $418 in cash on hand after expenses ($256) and need to collect $290 in unpaid orders. The cleared amount raised should be $708 after accounting for all expenses.

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