A Call to Contribute from Jazz Pianist and Composer Matthew Shipp

“ BA is one of the few theorists asking the right questions . . .”

July 4, 2013 | BA Everywhere | revcom.us

"I am pianist and composer matthew shipp and the world I envision living in is not the world I see in the newspapers and the tv news or 'reality tv shows'—I see very few people or groups really asking the tough questions and trying to come to some type of understanding of the forces that oppress all of us—I would think that we are way past the point of just giving in to the system and just trying to get our little piece of security within it whatever that would mean and just biding our time before we die—BA is one of the few theorists asking the right questions and grappling for answers—and what makes his work revolutionary to me is that he is not scared to say he might not have all the answers—his way of looking at the world is one of inclusion to the world of ideas and synthesis—this work must continue—these ideas must get out there—it is not about whether you agree with everything BA says—it's about the fact that what is out here cannot continue and we must have ideas circulating around that combat the system's intrinsic brutality. Please contribute."