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BA Everywhere Summer 2013: Making a Difference, Changing the World!

Revolution – Nothing Less! Van Tours

Updated August 26, 2 pm EDT

The BA Speaks: Revolution—Nothing Less! Van Tours hit the streets in New York and Chicago starting Monday, August 12, 2013; and then in Los Angeles and San Francisco the following week. Volunteers of all ages and different nationalities will be going out for a week, or for a day, in vans with striking revolutionary decorations, bringing to people that there is a way out of the madness and vicious brutality that this system and country rains down on the people here and around the world. Read more

Some Vignettes from the Van Tour

August 26Volunteers on the Van Tour report from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area...
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Two Vignettes from the Chicago BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Van Tour

August 19—The Chicago BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Van Tour began at the main Transit Hub on Chicago's Black Southside. Regular vendors there advised the Van Tour to pull right up on the sidewalk where people are going to and from the buses to the El train...
The Van Tour next went to a family park where young men play basketball and many young parents bring their children together to play...
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NYC: It Is Quite a Scene When the Van Tour Rolls Up

August 19—It is quite a scene when the van tour rolls up: A large colorful banner with the full film title, BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live on a stand-alone frame; A big-screen TV with loud sound and chairs for watching. An almost life-size enlargement of the "Three Strikes—That's IT for This System!" poster and stacks of smaller sizes for people to take. An agitator with "This is one part of this intolerable situation most of humanity is in, there is a way to solve this, stop and get into the film playing on that TV: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!"...
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New York Van Tour Snapshot: Conversations with People After Watching BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live

August 19—After a discussion of a piece on on “Two Different Epistemologies,” our team stepped out on Day 2 of the van tour differently. The question posed was how much are we going to people to seek validation for “our” ideas versus how much are we going to them with the need to not just look at their ideas on why things are so fucked up in the world, but also how they are thinking—by what method are they looking at the world?...
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In mid-July, BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! Van Tours hit the streets for a week in four areas simultaneously—New York, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles. The Van Tours' objective: spreading the revolutionary vision concentrated in the work of Bob Avakian more widely and deeply among all strata in society, and involving people in the activity of raising really big money over the summer and into the fall so that BA truly becomes known everywhere. Read more

Day Three in South Central, Los Angeles

July 17—The Van Tour headed into a South Central neighborhood for the third day – driving thru with the van and showing clips of BA Speaks: Revolution – Nothing Less! Bob Avakian Live on a flat screen TV from the back of a pickup truck...
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A snapshot from a mid-Van Tour gathering at Revolution Books, LA

July 15—On Monday after the Zimmerman verdict, the BA Speaks: REVOLUTION – NOTHING LESS! L.A. Van Tour stopped off at Revolution Books for a mid-Tour gathering in the midst of a pivotal moment where people are in the streets against the legal lynching of Trayvon Martin, refusing to let it go down, sending a different message: NOT ACCEPTABLE! The L.A. Van Tour has been focusing on building for a major showing of the film BA Speaks: REVOLUTION – NOTHING LESS! at the downtown L.A. Central Library this Saturday, July 20th, in the context of building a movement for revolution – fighting the power, and transforming the people, for revolution – and making adjustments as events have been unfolding.
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Snapshot of two days of the Los Angeles Tour

July 13—The jury was still deliberating on the Zimmerman trial and we stayed tense to developments of the decision (throughout the day). We canvassed a progressive wealthy neighborhood (door-to-door), bringing BA to people in the midst of the intense situation in the world and calling on them to be part of getting this everywhere (particularly by donating towards the $20,000 needed by July 15th) to really make a difference this summer...
July 15—We began our South Central leg of the tour in the Crenshaw neighborhood. Considering the outpouring of anger and marches from Saturday through Sunday, mainly in this neighborhood, but also national news like taking over the 10 Freeway, we were entering a different scene where the “normal functioning” of things creates a situation were people are searching for answers and open to considering radical change...
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Bringing Revolution – Nothing Less! to the “Malecon” on the Hudson

July 17—It was a brutally hot day in NYC, affecting everyone, including those on the Van Tour. We decided to take the van to a park along the river, an area popular among Dominican people in Washington Heights (north of Harlem), reminding many of the scene along the “Malecon” seaside highway in Santo Domingo where thousands of Dominicans hang out on hot evenings in the summer.
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A Whole Scene of People of All Ages Watching Revolution – Nothing Less!

July 15—In the midst of the outrage and resistance in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin, the BA Speaks: Revolution – Nothing Less! Van Tour arrived in Harlem. Just the night before, 200 people were out on 125th street in Harlem in response to the not guilty verdict of Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman.
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West Side Story … Trayvon Martin … And BA Everywhere!

July 13—The NYC BA Everywhere Van Tour spent the evening at an outdoor screening of the digitally remastered version of the film of the Broadway musical West Side Story with live accompaniment from the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The venue holds 17,000 and thousands of people come hours before the show to gather on the lawn.
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SF Bay Revolution – Nothing Less! Van Tour, Day 6

July 20— The Van Tour joined hundreds of people at the Oakland rally for Trayvon Martin at the Federal Building. This event, called for by Al Sharpton, brought out a crowd that was filled with anger and outrage at the Zimmerman verdict. This was expressed by many speakers: two young Black boys, who told of now being scared to walk out on the streets, a mother who cried as she talked about the target that is now on the backs of Black youth, young women, Stop Mass Incarceration Network speakers, and many others. People from the van tour fanned out with the BA Speaks: Revolution -- Nothing Less! DVDs, palm cards and the new piece, “They Must Not— They Will Not— Get Away With This!!!”
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SF Bay Revolution – Nothing Less! Van Tour, Day 7 – Visiting a Resort Area

July 21— We found this scenic and tranquil river town to be full of sharp contradictions and very polarized especially around Trayvon Martin. About 1½ hrs. away from the S.F. fog and cold, it is a resort area for the gay community, a destination for tourists, and a place for summer days suntanning, kayaking and swimming. From the first moments we arrived, those contradictions jumped out.
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