July 2, 2013 | BA Everywhere | revcom.us

There is an urgent need to reach the Indiegogo crowd sourcing goal of $20,000 for BA Everywhere by July 15th. DONATE NOW to the Indiegogo Summer 2013 Campaign.

Join and spread the Indiegogo campaign!  Seize the tremendous opportunity to realize the potential to get BA Everywhere and let people be part of this campaign which could make a huge difference in society!

Watch the BA Everywhere video on the Indiegogo site and think about everyone you know who would be inspired and challenged to contribute to the campaign.   To raise the funds we must ASK people with more financial resources, middle class and wealthy friends, friends of friends, relatives and people who, once again, know of BA and the movement for revolution to DONATE and kick off the summer campaign.

The fund raising out in the streets of the hoods and at festivals are both inspiring and important in creating awareness and movement around BA Everywhere—and now let’s add to that with efforts to reach all kinds of people from all walks of life, asking for donations of $100, $500 or $1000+.

Reach out to all the people you know:

  • Who came to the premiere of BA Speaks: Revolution - Nothing Less! Bob Avakian Live, or who have seen parts of the film, or who have bought the DVD of the film.
  • Who bought or have read BAsics from the Talks and Writings of Bob Avakian
  • Who contributed to or followed the BAsics Bus Tour during the spring and summer of 2012 and/or the upcoming film Occasioned by the Publication of BAsics: A Celebration of Revolution & The Vision of a New World.
  • Who has experienced and engaged BA in some way.

Email, text, call, tweet, visit—however you communicate and spread the word.  Do it TODAY.

For more updates and statements on the BA Everywhere Summer 2013 Indiegogo campaign go to BA Everywhere on revcom.us and the Indiegogo Summer 2013 Campaign.

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Below is a sample letter that you can use TODAY to send to people that makes use of the letter from Dr. Dennis Loo which speaks to an important question that many people have from his own perspective.  Use it widely.



Dear ________,

I write today to with an urgent message and a great need. As millions are fighting and even dying in the streets of Egypt, Brazil and Turkey, as millions here in the U.S. are agonizing over the real possibility that the murderer of the black teenager Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, will be found not guilty thereby legitimating open season on black youth in hoodies; to take just two examples of the struggles that fill the papers lately, there is a huge problem. People do not know about, people are not debating and weighing that there is a radically different better way the world could be through a thorough revolution for a whole new system. Without this, no matter how heroically people fight, the old order, no matter how outrageous the brutality that people must endure, capitalism/imperialism will continue to destroy lives and the planet.

I write you personally today to ask that you donate today to the Indiegogo online crowdfunding campaign: BA Everywhere Summer 2013: Making a Difference, Changing the World! Your contribution will enable volunteers to go out this summer to spread the liberating vision and framework for a radically different world developed by the revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian.

I want to share this letter that is a call for matching funds from Dr. Dennis Loo, which speaks to the difference donating to this campaign will make:

Letter from Dr. Loo:

Dear Friends at BA Everywhere:

I am a Professor of Sociology and chose this field in part because I wanted to more deeply understand the world and help others understand the world in order to change it. I know that there are many in the academic community who go into their fields for similar reasons and who can and should be donating to this Indiegogo fund drive.

I am putting up a $500 challenge to other teachers and professors to match my donation.

Here is why I am donating. Let me know why you chose to match this.

When the RCP began several years ago to promote BA as the cutting edge of what they do I was skeptical. How can one person be that important? Then I began to read his new synthesis. For those of us who aren’t “feeding at the trough” and who instead want to see a different world than the horrors being played out before our very eyes now, his work and his role are frankly indispensable. I certainly am a different person because of his influence and in particular his breakthroughs on questions like the role of a vanguard party relative to the question of truth and how a party, while critical, does not by definition have a monopoly over truth. This is inextricably tied in with his views about the “wrangling” nature of genuine communists and Marxism – real revolutionaries are not afraid of debate and contention but welcome it because it is through that process that truth comes to be known. If you’re wrong or partially wrong, you will find out if you engage in debate and discussion and if you’re principled. Nobody has a monopoly over truth but this attitude of being always willing to wrangle over questions and this recognition of the complexity of reality and life – this is something terribly precious! Whether you agree with communism and communists or not, this spirit can only be something that you must welcome and want to foster.

Dennis Loo, Ph.D.

{insert person’s name} Will you meet Dr. Loo's challenge and answer his call? If you want to make a big difference in whether there is going to be the possibility of really radical change, then, this is the campaign for you. Donate $500 -- or, more - to reach the goal of $20,000 by the July 15 deadline to fund the summer project, at http://igg.me/at/BAEverywhere-Summer2013

I will {call or write you} to talk in the next day or two.