REVOLUTION #375, February 23, 2015  

...Look, we’ve got this leader, who is one of those rare visionary thinkers and leaders who comes to represent and usher in a whole new phase of things in their given field of expertise. In this case he is ushering in a whole new phase of the communist revolution and a whole new conception of the kind of society and world we need to be building for the benefit of humanity. Think of the role played by a Marx, or a Lenin, or a Mao at earlier stages of history. This is the kind of visionary leader we are talking about.

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Saturday, March 28!

A High-Quality Full-Length Film


The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion;

Nationwide Premiere Screenings and Online Launch (Updated 2/26/2015)


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Re-broadcast of the November 15 Simulcast

Bob Avakian and Cornel West at Dialogue on November 15

Biographies of Bob Avakian & Cornel West



BA Everywhere Fundraising Dinners, February 15:

Warm, Enthusiastic, Determined…and Breathing with Revolution

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 Also in this issue

Torture for the Empire—From Chicago to Guantánamo

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Interview with Larry Siems, Editor of Guantánamo Diary

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The Assassination of Malcolm X: Important Lessons for Today

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From A World to Win News Service:

India: Greenpeace and Villagers vs. the World Market

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Photo: AP

Arkansas Bans Equality for LGBT People

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From LA Revolution Club:

The Problem Ain't Toy Guns! Cops Don't Care About Black and Latino Lives!

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Genocidal Realities

County Jails: Debtors' Prisons and Death Camps

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Lives of Millions of Immigrants Hang in the Balance with Federal Judge's Order

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Clashes Between Reactionary Forces Intensify in Ukraine

For a year, the U.S./Western Europe-backed Ukrainian government has been battling with Russian-backed Ukrainian forces for control of eastern Ukraine, which borders Russia. More than 5,300 have been killed in the fighting since last April. A recent attempt at a cease-fire has, at this moment, only intensified fighting. Rival factions inside Ukraine and respective imperialist backers all claim that they are supporting one or another so-called “democratic uprising” and fighting for the interests of the people. The reality is this is a clash between predators.

For analysis and background behind the war in Ukraine, read an excerpt from article published March 3, 2014, “Ukraine: Not a “Democratic Uprising” but a Clash Between Predators.”


Clyde Young (Wayne Webb),

A Life Lived for the People...
and Full Emancipation

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Of Continuing Interest

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"I Can't Breathe" Video by Pussy Riot

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Correspondence from Readers


Letters on the February 7-8 Atlanta Stop Mass Incarceration Network Conference:

Why We Need to Shut Shit Down on April 14

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A Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party: ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION


Updated February 24, 2015


Coming soon—

Constitution, Law, and Rights—in capitalist society and in the future socialist society.

This compilation of selections from the writings of Bob Avakian and excerpts from the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is a project of The Bob Avakian Institute.

A Putrid Culture—and a Whole Different Way We Could Think, Feel and Be

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Cheers for Oscar Comments

February 23, 2015

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Stop Watching Porn—Start Fighting Patriarchy!

Protest Pornhub's NYC Porn Film Festival

Updated 2/24/15

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Announcing the publication of Demarcations Number 4

From the Editors of Demarcations

January 10, 2015

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Exciting Announcement:

New Indian Printing of Bob Avakian's Democracy: Can't We Do Better Than That?

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Bob Avakian, "Yes there's a conspiracy, to get the cops off."


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Updated February 4, 2015

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