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Damián García está presente

April 22 is the 29th anniversary of the assassination of Comrade Damián García, a much-loved member of the RCP. Damián was assassinated by police agents in Los Angeles on April 22, 1980 while he was out organizing the people for revolutionary May 1st actions. The authorities singled Damián out for revenge because several weeks before he had dared to raise the red flag of revolution on top of the Alamo--that ugly symbol of U.S. aggression and domination over Mexico.

Each year, as May 1st draws close, we feel Damián among us. We remember his revolutionary courage and his love of the people.


From a statement issued by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA, and read at memorials held across the country:

"To die in the causes for which the imperialists and reactionaries have and will on an even more monstrous scale enlist the people, or to give up living and to die a little death on your knees, or to consume oneself in futile attempts at self-indulgent escape; all this is miserable and disgraceful. But to devote your life, and even be willing to lay it down, to put an end to the system that spews all of this forth, to live and die for the cause of the international proletariat, to make revolution, transform society and advance mankind to the bright dawn of communism—this is truly a living, and a dying, that is full of meaning and inspiration for millions and hundreds of millions fighting for or awakening to the same goal all around the world. Such was the life and death of Comrade Damián García, a fighter and martyr in the army of the international proletariat."