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DISPATCHES: Report from the People's War in Nepal -- by Li Onesto

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On February 13, 1996, coordinated armed raids and attacks involving thousands of men and women opened a new and glorious chapter in the history of Nepal. 

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), the masses launched a new People's War, aimed at sweeping away imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. And for over three years now, the revolution in Nepal has continued to spread, sink roots and accomplish a lot. 

All this is a truly inspiring and significant development in the world. But it has remained a hidden story for most people in the United States and around the world. And for those of us who have been following the People's War in Nepal, there has been precious, but far too little news of this important struggle.

The Revolutionary Worker has an exclusive story. RW reporter Li Onesto visited Nepal for several months in spring 1999 and traveled throughout the country with the people's army, meeting and talking with party leaders, guerrillas, activists in mass organizations and villagers--those waging this genuine Maoist People's War and beginning to exercise new people's power. 

Dispatches: Report from the People's War in Nepal

Part 1: Meeting the People's Army, RW #1014, July 18, 1999

Part 2: Villages of Resistance, RW #1015, July 25, 1999

Part 3: The Raid on Bethan, RW #1016, August 1, 1999 

Part 4: Rifles and a Great Vision, RW #1017, August 8, 1999 

Part 5: The City Squad RW #1018, August 15, 1999

Part 6: General Strike in Kathmandu RW #1019, August 22, 1999

Part 7: Preparing the Ground in the West RW #1020, August 29, 1999

Part 8: Learning Warfare by Waging Warfare in the West RW #1022, September 19, 1999

Part 9: People's Power in Rolpa, RW #1023, September 26, 1999

Part 10: Guns, Drums, and Keyboards, RW #1024, October 3, 1999

Part 11: Teachers in a School of War, RW #1027, October 24, 1999

Part 12: Martyrs of Rolpa, RW #1028, October 31, 1999

Part 13: Families of Martyrs: Turning Grief into Strength, RW #1029, November 7, 1999

Part 14: Women Warriors, RW #1032, November 28, 1999

Part 15: New Women, New People's Power, RW #1033, December 5, 1999

Part 16: Magar Liberation, RW #1034, December 12, 1999

Part 17: Preparing for War in Rukum, RW #1035, December 19, 1999

Part 18: Starting and Sustaining People's War in Rukum, RW #1036, December 26, 1999

Part 19: Camping with the People's Army,  RW #1037, January 9, 2000

Part 20: Red Salute to the West,  RW #1038, January 16, 2000

Part 21: Land in the Middle, RW #1041, February 6, 2000

Part 22: Hope of the Hopeless in Gorkha, RW #1042, February 13, 2000

RW #1021 contains a special pullout photo section called "Nepal: Portrait of a Revolution." Contact your local RW distributor for copies and bundles to distribute.