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Revolutionary Books


Here is a list of revolutionary books available online -- from or the Barnes and Noble site. To order the books: Go to or Barnes & Noble and do an author search. From the list of this author's writings, pick the particular book you want. Order instructions are there onsite. Some of these books are out of print, and the online book-sellers can do a search of used book distributors for you. These books can also be ordered off-line from Liberation Distributors, PO Box 5341, Chicago, IL 60680 Phone: 773-862-6452.

Long Live Real Communism!

Books by Bob Avakian available online


Preaching From a Pulpit of Bones, We Need Morality but not Traditional Morality, 1999 amazon, b&n
Phony Communism is Dead! Long Live Real Communism! 1992 amazon, b&n
Reflections, Sketches & Provocations, 1981-1987 amazon, b&n
Democracy: Can't We Do Better than That?,  1986 amazon, b&n
A Horrible End, Or, an End to the Horror 1984
amazon, b&n
For a Harvest of Dragons: On the Crisis of Marxism & the Power of Marxism  1983
amazon, b&n
Mao Tsetung's Immortal Contributions  1978
amazon, b&n
Bullets: from the writings, speeches, and interviews of Bob Avakian
Loss in China & the Revolutinary Legacy of Mao Tsetung 1978 b&n

Pamphlets by Bob Avakian available online

Bob Avakian Replies to a Letter from "a Black Nationalist With Communistic Inclinations",  1981 amazon
Bob Avakian Speaks on the Mao Tsetung Defendants Railroad and the Historic Battles Ahead   1981 amazon
Liberation Without Gods   1988 amazon
Anarchism 1982 b&n
If There is to be Revolution, There Must be a Revolutionary Party 1982 b&n

Other Books from RCP Pubs Online

New Programme and New Constitution of the RCP,USA amazon, b&n
America in Decline: An Analysis of Developments Towards War and Revolution in the U.S. and Worldwide, by Raymond Lotta, 1984
And Mao Makes Five: Mao Tsetungs' Last Great Battle, edited by Raymond Lotta 1978 amazon
Maoist Economics & the Revolutionary Road to Communism: the Shanghai Textbook, edited by Raymond Lotta 1994
The Soviet Union: Socialist or Social-Imperialist, Raymond Lotta
Revolution & Counter Revolution: The Revisionist Coup in China and the Struggle in the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA 1978 b&n