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  NOTE: The RW indexes for 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000 are now online!

Available here:

  • Indexes for the English language Revolutionary Worker from 1988 thru 2000 (issue 1072)
  • Indexes for the Spanish language Obrero Revolucionario from vol. 4 thru vol. 19 (May 1984 until November 1997)

You can search these indexes 

(1) go to the correct year (click on that year below, on this page)
(2) then use the "find" command in your web browser 
(3) then searching the titles of articles for keywords.

Major articles since 1996 are posted on this site. If you are looking for an article before then,  find the RW issue numbers containing that article, and then read it in back issues of the Revolutionary Worker.

About these indexes:

  • The RW and OR indexes are different from each other in several ways.
  • The RW index is a listing of titles and is not organized by categories. You can search on a computer using keywords.
  • Information in the RW index is organized in the following order: Issue / Date / Page / Kicker / Headline / Subhead / Byline. The delimiter used to separate fields is "space-comma-space."
  • The OR index is organized by categories. You can search by keywords. You can also print out the OR index and search it by categories.
  • The RW indexes are organized by year, not by RW volume. Each index starts with the first RW issue of that calendar year.
  • The OR indexes are organized by volume. Each index starts with a May first issue.

Using these indexes:

  • The indexes involve several large HTML files (the standard file format of web pages). The total size of the two indexes is over 2 megabytes. Basically you will want to make sure you have enough storage space to handle them. You will probably want to download them onto a computer hard drive or zip drive. You cannot currently do a search directly on this website.
  • Once you have the HTML files on your hard drive, you can search them using your Internet browser. Or you can convert them into formats that your word processor can search using its "find" function.
  • Keyword searches mean that you can search for any word that appears in an article's title or subtitle.
  • It is also possible to convert the RW indexes into database files, so that you can run database queries of all RW years and articles.
  • The RW index exists in Access database form, but has not yet been posted on this website for FTP download.

If you are interested in helping maintain and expand this Web-based Index system, please contact Revolutionary Worker Online.

RW Index
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