Revolution #151, December 28, 2008

More Comments from Readers on “Don’t Be a Buffalo Soldier”

The following are some comments from Revolution readers in response to Carl Dix’s article “Don’t Be a Buffalo Soldier” (which originally appeared with the headline “Reviving the Shameful Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers”) and Dix’s response to a reader comment on that article (see above).

The only part of the legacy of the Buffalo Soldier that I hold onto is the part regarding the ones who defected. Who realized, once in combat, just what you have stated, that they were fighting for the oppressor not the oppressed. The same is happening all over Iraq now as it did in Vietnam (with US and allied troops who defected) as it did in Afghanistan in the 1970s (with Russian troops who defected, Afghanistan was said to be Russia’s Vietnam). It seems to me that Obama is the ultimate Buffalo Soldier (unfortunately in the negative sense).

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That is one hard hitting essay.

What I have a hard time getting my head around is that the USofA revolted against “Imperial England” because they did not like being a colony.

Now, the USofA is trying to make every other country in this screwed-up world a colony of theirs.

For the life of me I just don’t get it.

Why not just “live and let live”.

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This is a very limited description of the Buffalo Soldiers. I in no way condone the violence against Native Americans, but these men accomplished many things. Some were our first park rangers.

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Very inspirational! This is the message that our young people need...good job. Ciao.

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“Black troops fought heroically in the U.S. Civil War and suffered sky-high casualty rates in that war. That was fighting heroically in a just cause—ending slavery. Everyone who opposes injustice has to see this as something that was good. But what was heroic about being a part of the genocidal wars the U.S. waged as it stole the land from the native inhabitants of this land? What was heroic about fighting for the U.S. as it seized Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Cuba from Spain and made them its own colonies? What was heroic about fighting Pancho Villa and other Mexican revolutionaries for the U.S.?”

I totally agree. It’s shameful that so many Blacks do not seem to understand this. Just like so many Blacks seem OK that the Obama (the pretend anti-war candidate) administration is full of old war hawks and Clinton retreads!

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[originally in Spanish] It is true that we should be alert to all the ideas they feed us about uniting with the army, which only serves to terrorize humanity, causes more economic destruction in the country when so many needy people are now [out of] work. It is necessary to resist everything that smells of war and destruction.

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