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November 4, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


For the past few weeks, we've been informing you, our readers, of the urgent situation confronts—the need to have a sustained financial base in order not just to continue but to grow. Some have responded, but not enough. Imagine the possibility of going offline, even for a period of time. And then imagine an energized with strong resources to be the hub and pivot of the movement for revolution. Going offline even temporarily is unthinkable, especially at a moment like we're living through right now when real breakthroughs are called for and very possible. And going offline is also completely unnecessary, because of you and many others.

But so far not enough of our readers have responded to this call. With one week left in this Fall 2013 Sustainer Drive, now is the time.

We reported last week that the monthly cost of having online, with everything that goes into that, reaches over $7,000. We want to clarify that that figure is the shoe-string budget. To live up to our responsibility will take a sustained financial base of $12,000 per month. Make arrangements now for a regular monthly contribution—online, at the Revolution Books nearest you, or with your local Revolution distributor. really is the only place on the web people can find, all in one place, a serious, comprehensive, honest picture of the problems humanity faces. And it's the only place they can find, all at one website, a serious, comprehensive, revolutionary solution—especially in the vision, works, and leadership of Bob Avakian and the Party he leads. At people find the ways to be part of this movement for revolution, and in reports that are posted on this site they can see how it is developing and their own impact. This is not microchange, or electoral delusions, or the "politics of the possible." It is not "solutions" that start from the interests of America, but from the interests of humanity. And it is the hub and pivot of the struggle to, as the RCP says, "Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution." This system is not the best that humanity can do, and there is nothing permanent about it.

To say this is contended is an understatement. And yet this analysis, vision, solution, and leadership is grounded in the real world and very possible.

But not without

On is everything that is available about the vision, works, and leadership of Bob Avakian.

On now are the vision, goals, and plans for the BA Everywhere Campaign, aiming now through the end of the year to begin to raise funds on a level that can begin to get BA's vision and works Into every corner of society—for real.

On is "A Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION."

On is the Manifesto from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, "COMMUNISM: THE BEGINNING OF A NEW STAGE," available in many languages for people here and around the world working on how their often heroic struggles can lead to meaningful change.

On now is a new and highly important polemic by Raymond Lotta, "On the 'Driving Force of Anarchy' and the Dynamics of Change—A Sharp Debate and Urgent Polemic: The Struggle for a Radically Different World and the Struggle for a Scientific Approach to Reality."

On now is sharp and timely exposure and coverage of the recent court ruling once again strengthening the officlal criminal police practice of stop-and-frisk.

On now is timely coverage of the crisis opened up by whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations of U.S. spying on the world.

On now are reports from all over the country on the efforts of the movement for revolution, including right now in Jackson, Mississippi, confronting the Christian fascist siege on the last abortion clinic in that state, as part of mounting a national counter-offensive to these attacks on women's rights to not be enslaved, and as part of hastening the revolution that would finally get humanity past this madness.

On now are reports from the October 22 National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation—coverage bringing to life the important resistance around this, and working on breaking more people out of thinking that limits our struggles to one or another version of reforming a truly unreformable system.

So... how could any of our efforts be brought together in a serious, conscious movement for revolution, with society-wide influence, for a radically different and far better world, without

Right now, you are needed to become, or renew being, a regular financial sustainer of with a regular monthly contribution.

A great deal rides on how well the website can play its role in the world for humanity to understand and radically change the world. It is really indispensable. This problem is solvable. The key to solving it is you—both what you plan to contribute each month, and how much you are letting others know about this concrete way they can contribute to the radical change this world cries out for.

If you are a sustainer, consider increasing your amount. If you have been a sustainer but have missed some payments, help figure out how those funds can be systematically turned in. If you have sustained in the past but are not now, pick it up again. If this is the first time you've considered this, start now. Let others know, and think big.

Send us your comments.

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