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March 30, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


In the month of February 2015, people from 166 countries and colonial possessions around the world visited—up from 65 countries in January 2013. What this means is that thousands and thousands of people from countries as diverse as Vietnam, Mexico, Germany, and Turkey [click here for the full list] came to this site looking for answers and some kind of way out of the oppression and madness that people face all over the globe. They encountered—in Spanish and English—a revolutionary analysis of key world events and most importantly the radical re-envisioning of communist revolution which is concentrated in the writings and speeches of Bob Avakian and which shows a path forward to emancipate humanity from the domination of capitalism-imperialism.

People in countries fed upon and plundered by imperialism, people caught in a world which is being torn apart by the warring of two forms of reactionary domination and rule—imperialism and religious fundamentalist theocracy—found this site and all that it brings forth about what it will take to actually bring forward a different way in the world and rupture the course of history out of the vise grip of being caught between these two reactionary forces with all the suffering and misery that’s heaped on the masses of people as a result of their inter-conflict and rule.

Think about what’s here at and what difference it makes for many thousands of people from all over the world to be able to find all this in one place. Things like:

The Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian on Revolution and Religion

What Is a Revolutionary Situation?” by Bob Avakian

12 Years After the U.S. Invasion of Iraq—Legacy of Death, Torture, Displacement, and Horror

Interviews with, videos of, and articles about the brave fighters who are standing up in the United States against the epidemic of police murder and mass incarceration

A Declaration: For Women’s Liberation and the Emancipation of All Humanity

COMMUNISM: THE BEGINNING OF A NEW STAGE, A Manifesto from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA—available in English, Spanish, Farsi, Turkish, German, Arabic, and Portuguese

And so much more...

But providing this incredible resource for people all around the world is NOT FREE!

It costs thousands of dollars per month to operate a vibrant and constantly changing website that is exposing each new outrage hot on the heels of events, giving voice to the outbreaks of protest and struggle, and bringing revolutionary science and understanding of why the world doesn’t have to be this way and why the communist revolution re-envisioned by Bob Avakian really is what humanity needs and CAN get to.

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  • Make a collective pledge with your friends and neighbors to pool your funds and come up with a monthly donation for the website and newspaper.

Think about what a difference it makes at this juncture to have such a website—think about all that is opened up and all that becomes possible when a site like this exists for the people of the world!

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