Will you stand up against the massive assaults on abortion rights in Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, and nationwide?

PROTEST! Wednesday, July 1

Fetuses are NOT babies! Abortion is NOT murder! Women are NOT incubators!

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Nationwide Protests July 1
Join one of these or organize your own!


On July 1st, as abortion clinics are forced to close in Texas and Tennessee and when new unprecedented new abortion restrictions go into effect in Kansas... Join in defiant protest.

We will stand, side by side, carrying the faces of women who died from lack of safe, legal abortion. We will read their stories. We will wear faux bloody pants, representing the women who lost their lives, and those who will die, as a result of the escalating assault on this basic right. We will RAISE HELL and demand that women be treated as full human beings!

Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!
Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement!

Scheduled protests for July 1:

New York City
6pm - Union Square
Contact: StopPatriarchy@gmail.com

Speak-out & Die-in
5pm - Westlake Park
Contact: StopPatriarchySeattle@fastmail.net

Los Angeles
Protest "Hollywood Women's Center"
(anti-abortion center)
12 noon - 862 N Vermont Ave
Contact: StopPatriarchyLosAngeles@gmail.com

San Francisco
Protest - 1pm
Archdiocese of San Francisco
1 Peter Yorke Way
Contact: StopPatriarchyBayArea@gmail.com

Protest. Gather at 4:30
Congress & San Jacinto in Downtown Houston

Noon, Protest at St. John's Cathedral
E. 9th & Superior
March through downtown to other sites that
represent the oppression of women!

Seattle, April 2014 protest for abortion rights
Seattle, April 2014.

Sticker for July 1 protest, Union Square Park

Sunset Park

July 2014, Abortion Rights Freedom Ride members in front of Harris County Republican Headquarters in Houston, TX.
July 2014, Abortion Rights Freedom Riders in front of Harris County Republican Headquarters in Houston, TX.

Photos: Special to revcom.us/Revolution

Stop Patriarchy, the movement to End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women, is calling for national actions on July 1st to protest new abortion restrictions scheduled to go into effect in Kansas and Tennessee that day.



Protest July 1!

June 9, a Federal Court upheld the Texas anti-abortion law HB2 which means that all but 8 clinics in the huge state of Texas will be forced to close. On July 1st, new restrictions on abortion are scheduled to go into effect in Kansas and Tennessee.

These laws are part of a national onslaught against abortion rights and birth control. Over 330 restrictions have been introduced nationwide already this year! This CANNOT be tolerated if women are going to be treated as FULL HUMAN BEINGS! These laws will have devastating effects on the lives of women across the country, and especially in the deep South, where new restrictions have forced many abortion clinics to close. These unprecedented attacks on abortion rights, whether they come down in Kansas, Ohio, Tennessee or wherever, are attacks on ALL WOMEN. None of these laws have anything to do with "life." They are about slamming women back to the Dark Ages, reducing them to mere breeders.

On July 1st, as many as half the abortion clinics in Tennessee are expected to close due to new restrictions which will require abortion facilities to meet the same physical standards as a mini-emergency room (even though early abortion is an extremely simple, outpatient procedure).

The new Kansas law sets a dangerous precedent by banning the most common and safe procedure for performing an abortion after the first trimester of pregnancy. The effect is devastating when a woman needs a second trimester abortion and is denied. Now in 2015, starting but not ending in Kansas, the next stage of banning a medical best practice for abortion has been signed into law. If best practices for doctors in giving women the choice to decide what to do with their futures can be banned at earlier and earlier points in the pregnancy, the legal right to a safe abortion is a formality, not a reality.

Everyone who cares about women's lives must take a stand. Take to the streets July 1. PROTEST!




Contact to get involved:



A fetus is not a baby
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Did you know...
Abortion rights are in a state of unprecedented emergency!
It is urgent that everyone act now to stop this war on women. Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement.

Right now, in 2015...
The right to abortion — a simple, safe, and responsible choice — is being eradicated, lied about, and stigmatized.

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Stop Patriarchy fact sheet


From The Michael Slate Show: A Summer of Taking Patriarchy by Storm
On June 12, Michael Slate (KPFK, Los Angeles) interviewed Alex Petersburg and Riley Ruiz, two members of End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women, about Stop Patriarchy’s summer campaign. Read or listen here



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