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"If you don't read Revolution every week you just won't know.
And if you don't know, you can't make a difference."

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The articles on revcom.us are taken from recent issues of Revolution newspaper. Only about half of Revolution's articles are posted on the internet.

Subscribe to Revolution to get its full weekly coverage -- to make sure you don't miss a single hidden story, secret upsurge, censored exposure, special feature or interview. To keep in touch with the mood and actions of the basic people and all those taking on the system.

This revolutionary newspaper is unique:

Hidden stories -- If you were already reading Revolution you would know about the CIA creation of the crack epidemic, and the story of the frame-up of Mumia Abu-Jamal. News from the hotspots and frontlines of struggle. Information about the revolutionary movements throughout the world, and from the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement which links together Maoist organizations and parties on every continent.

Voices of the Oppressed --Every week, the voices of the oppressed people speak through the pages of Revolution. These are the people who refuse to be slavish--people on the bottom who have revolutionary hopes.

Information as Weaponry -- From the war on drugs, to the poisoning of the environment and cruel politics of budget cuts and prison building. The real workings of this system are laid bare.

Revolutionary lines of communication -- Revolution is a way to link up those who are fighting on many fronts. Through the pages of Revolution, youth fighting racist police in the ghettoes communicate with women demanding the right to abortion. Prisoners, GIs and Gulf War vets relate to anti-war activists and environmentalists. Immigrant workers and the homeless speak to students and artists. Striking miners compare viewpoints with Native people fighting for their land.

A vision of a liberated future -- Revolution is the newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA -- it is the only bilingual weekly in the U.S. with editions in English and Spanish. At a time when the rulers of this country like to claim that "communism is dead" -- this newspaper offers the most radical vision of a whole new future. Not some utopian scheme--but a possible dream. A future where the basic people run all aspects of society and consciously work to eliminate every form of oppression. This newspaper tells the truth of how capitalism was restored in the Soviet Union and China -- and it explains why Mao Tsetung and the Cultural Revolution in China are most relevant to making revolution today. Anyone who dreams of a better world needs to seriously consider this Maoist revolutionary vision and program.

Build the conspiracy! -- The Revolution conspiracy must reach and influence many sections of people throughout society. In the ghettos and barrios across this country, the schools, factories and housing projects. On college campuses, in the anti-war movement, in the women's movement, among progressive church people and radical artists. Where every people are sick of this system -- and its heartless attacks -- there must be networks of Revolution distribution spread by the creativity of the people.

"Wherever the people sing and dance liberation,
Revolution is there."

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