Donni Wright, Violently Assaulted by NYPD for Witnessing Their Violent “Social Distancing” Assault



Saturday, May 2, Donni Wright, a Black man was walking in New York City’s East Village when he saw four cops violently throwing a friend of his and another person down to the ground, supposedly for violating social-distancing rules. Wright stopped some 15 feet away to witness what was going on, as other witnesses around him shouted at the pigs to stop their abuse. Pig Francisco Garcia—who wasn’t wearing a mask—saw Wright standing there and aggressively strode up on him with a taser out, yelling “Move the fuck back right now," "Don’t flex.” All Wright said was, “He didn’t even do nothing,” then Garcia assaulted him. “We’re talking about someone sitting on your shoulder and punching your ribs and sitting on your shoulders and your head for a good three to four minutes, heavy weight bouncing,” Wright’s mother told the New York Daily News. Wright was hospitalized with severe injuries to his back, ribs and chest, and initially charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. The charges were “deferred” after the video of the NYPD’s brutal takedown went viral.




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