A Wave of Racist Terror… From a Rotten, Racist System

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The past few days have witnessed an explosion of videos documenting racist murderous actions and threats from cops and fascists.

As Bob Avakian wrote in March, “In the context of this current crisis, the exploitative and oppressive relations built into this system are asserting themselves in a pronounced way, within this country and internationally, just as they have in previous crises…."

This has been borne out over the past two months and the past week in particular. At a time when African-Americans are dying from COVID-19 at a genocidally disproportional rate... at a time when armed white fascists invade state legislatures waving Confederate flags, swastikas, nooses, and automatic rifles... the past few days have witnessed the following outrageous scenes of racist violence.

In Georgia, a February lynching of an unarmed Black man went down and was about to be covered up until THIS video came to light (go here for full story):

In northern California, an unarmed 14-year-old Black boy was brutally beaten by police for possession of a cigar (go here for full story):

And in New York, this past Saturday, THIS is how police supposedly enforced "social distancing" against a Black man for not having a mask (go here for full story).

These are only the tip of the iceberg. The mounting resistance to these outrages is righteous and should be supported, and transformed, toward a movement to make revolution and overthrow this system.

This MUST STOP. This system must be overthrown.

Revolution—Nothing Less!




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