Heartfelt comments received from people who donated during the Fundraising Livestream

“The 5, 20, 50, 100 dollars you donate makes all the difference”

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Thank you to all the donors who contributed to the last livestream for the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour. Here are some of the moving statements that came in with your contributions...

Please write to us at GetOrganizedForRevolutionTour@gmail.com with your fundraising ideas and questions. The National Revolution Tour is aiming to impact society with the New Years statement by Bob Avakian: “A New Year, The Urgent Need For A Radically New World—For The Emancipation Of All Humanity.” In addition to this, and the work of The RNL – Revolution Nothing Less – Show, we’ll be organizing “zoom into the revolution” seminars.

Sign up and contribute to make all this possible.


** I can contribute $10 to the National Revolution Tour. I understand the importance of the Tour. I’ve got a job and kids and I would join the Tour if I could. The Revolution Tour needs support to keep spreading the message of revolution. Trump is extremely dangerous because his forces are angry and stirred up. Trump is using the common denominator of fear, telling them everybody is against them, Black people, the media, etc. Seventy-four million voted for Trump, that tells us this society has never faced up to systemic racism and the delusional ones are full of force, full of hate and fear – being told there is a “secret plot.” So how do we get by the brainwashing?

Some think “it’s calm now” but I think it’s the “calm before the storm.” I loved Bob Avakian’s piece on radical change is coming, and either it is going to be radical reactionary or radical revolutionary. I see a civil war coming, all hell breaking loose, lunacy coming to a head – a “bad karmic manifestation.” The Tour is in the field telling people what is really going down, delivering the truth. There are tremendous tensions going on after the election, I got family members down south and the racism is intense. On the other side I see the beginning of a global rising. I see a new generation standing up to injustice. People need to join the revolution with us and overcome their fears. I also want to raise money for the Tour from my friends.


** From a store clerk in Houston who collected $13 in donations with a coin jar:

The goal is to make this world a better place for all mankind. We need a new system and new leaders. Leaders that really care about our problems.


** I am donating my Stimulus check plus some more to come this week “Revolution, Nothing Less,” with BA’s laser-like vision, scientific method and the Party he built and leads, gives us the tools we need to prepare ourselves, the people and the Party for that rare historic moment when a revolutionary situation arises... so that humanity can seize the time and put us in the path to shape a society free of exploitation and oppression, when life and our planet can flourish in common harmony.


** People don’t know the best chance we got for the real revolutionary future is with what BA is bringing! And with this Tour. Listen, I’m sick and tired of waking up every day with this oppressive system, these cops killing and destroying the planet... and these FUCKING FASCISTS! I’m donating $40 today to this Tour to bring the leadership we need. I’m donating as much as I can, as often as I can, and if you feel like I’m saying, I’m calling on all you all to do that too!


** From West Harlem: I’m donating $50 to help with all the materials you need. All the papers and books that the people need to know about the real change. This will help because I want people to know about the change the revolution will bring. And I hope others will do likewise. And, of course, donate as much as you can!


** This $100 donation is in memory of TC who shared two things (at least!) with BA: a passion for tennis and desire for a much better world. He had read BA’s article on revolution and Roger Federer’s tennis (Revolution, Roger Federer’s Tennis: What Do They Have To Do With Each Other? A Lot, Actually.) and was deeply moved by BA’s powerful writing and his appreciation of Federer’s skills and overall orientation to be kind to the “lowly ball boys and ball girls.” TC was not a revolutionary but decided to read BA’s memoir next to learn more about this leader. This donation is to help get BA out into the world, with his largeness of mind and generosity of spirit, for all of humanity.


** Four months ago I moved to NYC and started volunteering at one of the most interesting and extremely vital bookstores in the city. With the help of Revolution Books, I was introduced to and challenged by Bob Avakian. In his work I have found answers and found myself asking new questions. Like why the country is the way it is. Or why the ENTIRE WORLD suffers? Having questions isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but JUST learning isn’t enough. With the help of BA and his workings, I can see it isn’t just about me, but all humanity. I encourage anyone who feels like putting a “band-aid” over the issues we are facing, only to have them come back and worse than before, to donate to this mission! I am donating not only because of how tired I am with the system, but for what this means for the world. It’s up to you and me to make change!


** The last four years have seen white supremacy dare to raise its ugly head, encouraged by Trump. And we have seen horror after horror, atrocity after atrocity. People are horrified, terrified. They don’t know what to do, other than rely on “politics as usual.” But it’s going to take far more than that. We need a whole new world, one that is truly just, and that unleashes the best of humanity. But first we need to survive the current situation. The Revolution Tour is all about achieving both of these difficult and monumental goals. Think how different the world would be if we stopped the forces of fascism in its tracks. How much closer to that better world we could be? Please join me, donate all you can. If it’s $100, or even more. Or whatever you can. The world needs the Revolution Tour, and the tour needs *us*. WE are the roots of Revolution... and the place where a better world begins.


** I am donating $500 to the National Revolution Tour. One of the things that has impressed me about Avakian and the New Communism is the importance of critical thinking and his emphasis of seeking truth through the scientific method.

As a leader and philosopher he has promoted critical thinking among those like myself who have embraced his leadership. Not only that, he has called upon us to reach for the best within ourselves. He has called for us to keep our “moral compass” if you will. Revolution is not about “revenge” but about the “Emancipation of all Humanity” and about being “proper stewards” of our dear Mother Earth.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the RevComs in NYC and D.C. in the last few months. They are both critical thinkers and amazing people. They have the courage of their convictions as well as a deep love and compassion for Humanity.

One of the foulest slanders that is aimed at Avakian and those who embrace his leadership is that they are “cultists.” This is pure bullshit. Anyone who has actually read Avakian’s work or met RevComs has to be struck by the emphasis on critical thinking and the search for the truth by employing the scientific method.

Much love and respect to Avakian and all the RevComs.


** I am furloughed and an essential worker yet I can donate to the National Revolution Tour. With regard to Bob Avakian, what is it that he is saying that can address all these different sections of people? The question of “division” is on point. When you look at the gangs, they are one step away from understanding the system, and they have to go up against the Derek Chauvin’s of this world (the cop who murdered George Floyd). When you look at the high school students, how can you convince them? Who is going to have sway over the high school class?...

Those people on the 6th in the Capitol – it’s clear they do not want to share power. The impression I am getting is capitalism and fascism come hand in hand. But what is so subtle is the U.S. went to the other countries and created a wasteland – the refugees come here, and the Democrats subjugate the immigrants into another class of people. KRS-One once had a song out, calling out the “overseers” – his intent was to call into question the role the police play in this society: their adversarial and confrontational role in relation to the African-American community. It’s a challenge to “make the case” that we could all be in alliance against those “overseers” who want to rule over everyone: I understand the work of the National Revolution Tour is vital.


** Today I am donating the $600 that fascist Trump gave me (the stimulus Congress voted and Trump signed) to the Revolution Tour. Due to pandemic-caused unemployment many may not be able to do this, but I can. I have been watching the Revolution Tour online, in videos and print, seeing them in the street getting the truth to the people in so many dramatic and inspiring ways. They are my heroes. In this capitalist society money is required for everything from printing flyers to travel, food, housing... If they have enough I want them to buy national TV and radio time! There are so many good causes today but this cause goes at the very root of it all, the horror of worldwide capitalism-imperialism. It is about the future of all humanity and the planet. Bob Avakian’s message, the “what is to be done,” cuts through the fog like a red beacon. P.S. I am already a monthly sustainer and encourage others to do this also, it is a convenient way to feed in large or small amounts, whatever you can.


** I’m someone who has been following/supporting revcom.us and The Revolution-Nothing Less Show for some time. Why am I supporting today’s livestream for revcom.us and The Revolution-Nothing Less Show?

The recent fascist coup attempt has forced many people out of their stupor and has shown them the reality of the fascist Trump/Pence regime which recently left power. However, the danger is still not over—there is still a vengeful MAGA fascist base as well as the Republi-fascists who still are in key positions of power who are NOT reconciled to their defeat and still are looking for ways to take revenge upon their opposition in other forms.

The world we live in means that there are tens of millions of people who are refugees from war, climate catastrophe in many different parts of the world. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic which has killed over 2,225,900 people worldwide and over 450,000 people in the U.S., the oppression of women, etc. We do not have to live this way anymore. There is enough wealth and skill to take care of the needs of humanity and the planet, except that this capitalist-imperialist system of private ownership/socialized production prevents humanity from living up to its full potential.

Bob Avakian has brought forth in the New Communism a way to analyze society on a scientific basis and proceeding from what is reality and not how people want to see things. He maintains that this system cannot be reformed and that all-the-way revolution is needed to create a different future.

You do NOT have to agree with everything that Bob Avakian says, but people who agonize over the state of humanity/the planet are invited to find out more what this revolution is about, even if you have questions, doubts or disagreements.

There is the “NEW YEAR’S STATEMENT BY BOB AVAKIAN” which is on revcom.us and people can compare/contrast it (and other writings with other programs out there).

This is why I am donating $600 from my stimulus check to the RevComs so as to help to facilitate meeting the $50,000 goal of the livestream. I am challenging people to match this $600 that I am donating.


** I'm doing $200 to the National Revolution Tour. When I heard the reflection of Cornel [West] and the others about BA, about BA’s love for the people, the significance of truth and science, this was deeply moving. It takes courage to confront reality, and science to unlock obstacles that seem unsolvable on the surface. We need this science, this method! One of the revcoms mentioned that contributing to the Tour is a way for the revcoms to bring this revolution to all kinds of people. By contributing we can do this. It isn’t just about our personal experience. I like what she said! I am so proud to be contributing to the Tour, to the revcoms and to the future! Looking forward to season 2 of The RNL Show, too!


** This $2,000 donation is a challenge to others whose hearts are pounding for the true liberation of all humanity, and its path has been determined by Bob Avakian in New Communism through a real revolution.


** I am honored to be able to donate to the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour.

At this late hour, with so much at stake for all humanity, and for the very future of this planet, I am contributing $1,000 along with a $1,000 matching fund (from my veteran’s benefits) toward the courageous and selfless work of the Revolution Tour, to promoting the most important Revolutionary leader in the world today, Bob Avakian!

I want to give people everywhere the chance to hear about, and know Bob Avakian, his life, his leadership and his path-breaking scientific discoveries and moral leadership he has given to all who desire to free humanity from all its chains. I want people to be familiar with his life, how he “gets people,” his courage and also his humor. I want his Memoir to be in the hands of many thousands of youth looking for a life with meaning. I also invite people, especially artists, to read one of my favorite short works by BA, the lofty revolutionary embrace that shines through in “Materialism and Romanticism: Can We Do Without Myth?

I have known BA for a long time. I was a veteran of the US Navy during the Vietnam War. Like millions of others in this country, I was inspired by the heroic victory of the Vietnamese people in defeating the most powerful army in the world. And I learned about (then) socialist China, and its leader Mao Tse-Tung. That led me and millions of others – even in this country – to dream, and fight, for a different, much better world.

But, over the decades, many, who at one time, called themselves revolutionary, or even communists, have fallen along the way. Some by bullets from the enemy, but far more by the sugar-coated bullets of making peace with the world we are given, or by cynicism and pessimism and the me-first ideology of this pariah system.


I remember his powerful speech in support of the Black Panther Party on the Steps of the Oakland City Hall, where he said to white people, “The Black Panther Party doesn’t hate you because you’re white, they hate you cuz you ain’t taking care of business!”

I remember a speech he gave to an Iranian student rally as the U.S. was amping up a massive, widespread and vicious reactionary lynch-mob movement against anything Iran or Iranian after the overthrow of the Shah when Iranian students took over the US Embassy. As the “progressive” left remained silent, BA called all to understand why it was correct, and urgently needed, to go out in the streets and fight for the revolutionary internationalist slogan “It’s Not Our Embassy!”

Of major significance, BA firmly upheld the Great Cultural Revolution in China against the howls and derision of bourgeois experts and movement hacks alike. He singularly, and with convictions, called out and exposed the capitalist coup in China upon the death of Mao. Then, BA went much deeper to scientifically analyze Mao’s (as well as other leaders and founders of the Communist movement) historic advances and contributions but also their philosophical and scientific weaknesses and errors. Again, this was done in spite of the vitriol of "marxist" scholars and shrieks of blasphemy from dogmatists, here and internationally. But all of BA’s rigorous study and analysis became part of the scientific foundation of both his “New Communism” and the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.

BA warned of the rise of a fascist movement decades ago, and struggled for people to understand the danger of the rising of American-style Christian Fascism uniting with nativist white supremacy and misogyny and their plans for a civil war to take America back to its genocidal beginnings. And he calls on us to act, with science and substance.

Heed the call! Get with, support, and spread the work of the Revolution Tour! Help them on the ground and in any way you can in their timely work to spread BA and his extremely urgent leadership to every corner of the world!


** It’s my privilege to donate to revolutionaries seriously working on how to bring a whole other world into being.


** Why I’m Donating to the Revcom.us Tour:

I’m donating to the Revcom.us tour because I’m impressed with the fact that the structure of Avakian’s new communism is based on science, humanism, and ethics. Democracy is built on slavery, imperialism, and capitalism—three ideologies that exploit other humans and the environment. These elements have poisoned our country and government and given rise to the corrupt leadership of Donald Trump and the fascist Republican party. Knowledge of Avakian’s new communism should be spread as widely as possible.


** From a high school student who gave $50 and is reaching some of his friends to give:

Right now is a time of existential dangers and profound possibilities. We need to seize the momentum and make huge breakthroughs before the fascists come back stronger and harder. No one is going to make revolution for us. I am donating as much as I can, and contributing in other ways, because there is no more noble a cause than the movement for revolution.


** From a recently graduated college student and member of the Revolution Club: 

The urgency is real. The attack on Capitol Hill by fascists is not the worst of what could happen in the U.S. And we have seen the escalation from months, to years ago. The forces that are necessary to counteract this act of domestic terrorism require mass mobilization from the people and leadership. We have one. We have the leadership from the RevComs that have continuously warned us about the dangers of this fascist regime. They have called for mass mobilization. Today is an event to fundraise for this revolution and we need your support. Everything that it requires, materials, pamphlets, banners, books, shirts, every single piece of material that we get out to the people is crucial and it requires funds. People from all different backgrounds have donated, and their contribution is important. We have seen the Revolution Tour expand to different states, we have seen the growth of people mobilizing into the streets, but the fight is not over. The 5, 20, 50, 100 dollars you donate makes all the difference. People are very willing to donate to causes that once it is out of their face, it is forgotten, but not this. You are now part of the revolutionary forces working towards mass mobilization. The donation is from the people, contributing directly to the emancipation of humanity. Although many of us are in need at this moment, the need for revolution, the need to counteract this fascist agenda, is an urgent matter. Not only must we fight for the revolution, we must also fund the revolution.


** From a donor who gave $3,000

Dear comrades,

I am happy to donate to the Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour.

We live in a time of danger and immense challenges. The events of the past week should make this starkly apparent to everyone, even to those who, up to now, have willfully attempted to close their eyes to this obvious truth.

Yet within this situation there is also opportunity, the chance to wrest a new future. To do this there is an urgent need for the new communism, for the leadership and scientific method of Bob Avakian to become a growing, contending force in the world.

I am excited by the important steps the National Revolution Tour has taken to do this, putting revolution—a real revolution, that will completely overturn the brutal, outmoded system of capitalism-imperialism and begin building a new society free from all oppression and exploitation—on the map. 

At this crucial time nothing is more important, and I am glad for the opportunity to contribute to this effort as we enter a new year. I urge everyone who reads this to join in supporting this vital effort in whatever ways you can.


** From a Vietnam War veteran who donated $100:

I am a Vietnam veteran. I was involved in the active duty GI movement against the War after I found out what the war was really about.

I have some photos from the war on my home wall and in my phone.

One is a 10-year-old girl running from a napalm attack with horrific burns all over her body. Napalm was introduced to the war by the U.S. military. Other photos show villages being burned all over Vietnam by U.S. troops (from the book Kill Everything That Moves by Nick Turse). By the war's end 3 million Vietnamese had been murdered by U.S. forces.

U.S. chauvinism was a major factor in U.S. troops regarding the Vietnamese as subhuman. Troops called massacres "just gook business" of no consequence.

The American Crime series initiated by Bob Avakian on the revcom.us website brings out the "actual history of this country and its role in the world up to today and the terrible consequences of this."

I am a disabled veteran but I've decided to give $100 out of my stimulus check to the revolution tour because the tour is boldly going out among people spreading the leadership of Bob Avakian everywhere. And. they are organizing ppl into the revolution. They are the hope for a future with no more of these murderous, horrific wars. And no more oppression and exploitation anywhere in the world. This revolution tour is not half-stepping.


** From a psychologist

Yes, I would like to contribute to the National Revolution Tour. I have been thinking, you were right! The RCP and Refuse Fascism were right. I knew how many right-wing forces there were, but I have been shocked. I am all for the National Revolution Tour, because this opposition needs to be public. I appreciate Bob Avakian, for how to create an egalitarian and democratic society. I agree with Bob Avakian’s indictment of capitalism. Avakian is a vector of humane and progressive politics I am for. But so many are conditioned to believe that anything done for the common good, by a government, is socialism and that’s looked at as horrible among a large section of people in the U.S. People have been the victims of a propaganda campaign since 1917—the Russian Revolution. But I have been motivated to learn the truth. It’s very positive to have the National Revolution Tour. Think of the ’60s, with gay people coming out of the closet, Civil Rights and MLK and the Black Panther Party, think about the anti-Vietnam War movement. People told the truth then and now the Revolution Tour is a first rate educational opportunity. I think we are going into heavy duty chaos with COVID, fascism, the economic situation. Every group doing something positive, like the National Revolution Tour, should be supported because it adds to the momentum of progressive change.


** From a part-time immigration attorney:

I will donate because I know enough about Bob Avakian to agree with the diagnoses, but at this point I don’t know all about his critical thinking as to what to supplant this system with. I want to give because I want to raise consciousness, and I don’t want people to lose hope. I want people to know the world doesn’t have to be this way, that there is a better way that they are not consigned to this system of capitalism. It’s hard to get conscripts, not enough are coming on board. Even after the George Floyd protests around the country, I don’t enough see people mulling over this revolution because I know there are obstacles thrown in the way of the people: ideas of reform, narrow and parochial, or just the difficulty of surviving from day-to-day. It’s hard for people to find the emotional space to look at science. Even if the people realize the system shackles them there is still an aesthetic intimacy to moving to take on this system - maybe it will take a revolutionary event for the masses to jettison those things. But I am not one to say “I don’t believe in orthodoxy so I won’t give.” I am not one of those people who pre-judge Bob Avakian and revolution. I am not one of those people and that is to my credit. The National Revolution Tour is laudable, helping people transcend the everyday shit.


** From a supporter of Tour who donated $250:

I am encouraging everyone to support revcom.us which is based upon knowing/changing reality, science and the truth. I am challenging everyone to match and challenge this amount I'm donating.


** From a group of friends in Chicago:

A group of 5 supporters of the Tour in Chicago have issued a match challenge for at least 5 people to make up $1,000 in monthly sustainer donations over the next six months. This group of 5 includes 2 people who are giving $5/month, one person is giving $10 for the next 6 months, and one more person committed but is still pondering and checking their finances to see what they can afford. The initiator is donating $200 /month = a total of $1,320+ for six months. All of these people are writing statements about why they joined this effort to support the Tour and are reaching out to other supporters. Here are four of our statements. So we are asking – can you match this?

  • * From a retired RN:

    The Revolution Tour and the Revolution Clubs are a part of shining examples of those who are putting into practice the principles of the new communism developed by BA—not only for those of us in the US but also for all who come to revcom.us for the truth. It is essential that they have a consistent monthly financial base from which to operate—to be able to quickly go to those “hot spots” to be organizing forces for an actual revolution to overthrow this system. It is an honor to be a part of building networks of support for the Revolution Tour.

  • * From another retiree living on Social Security: 

    I met some of the Revolution Club members when they were in my city and was very impressed by their outlook of worldwide emancipation and their scientific wrestling with the ferocious conditions of today, from the standpoint of the New Communism brought forward by Bob Avakian. Something new is rising – both BA’s New Communism and epistemology, and new dedicated leaders applying and being trained by that understanding. Human emancipation is the pressing goal. I will contribute $10/month to help make this happen.

  • * From someone giving $5/month:

    Thanks to the people who go out and stand up against the people like the one that pushed into the Capitol Building because they were following a man who only cares about himself and not the country's people. I cannot travel or go rally to protest against the fascist trying to get rid of the people they believe do not belong in the country... 

  • * From someone giving $5/month:

    Hello Revolution Club members and supporters,

    We all saw what happened Wednesday, a cumulation of 30+ years of fascism organizing and gaining increasing access to top levels of government, but those following Bob Avakian and embracing Revolutionary Leadership identified it back in the 90s with the Impeachment of Bill Clinton, saw the trajectory, and saw how to stop it. While we weren't able to stop it entirely, I do believe that the actions of the Revolution Club did have a huge impact in people being able to think and act consciously against fascism, and I firmly believe we would all be in a much worse place right now without them playing their important role.  Now it is not just a matter of supporting people who can physically go to protests when you can't, it is a matter of supporting people who can project revolutionary ideology to people whom you will never see, people not just in this country but around the world who are all watching, and supporting them reaching every sphere of society.

    There was a set of photo cards made at the end of 2019 which highlighted the tour and was such a great vision of all the different realms the Revolution Club positively impacted. Sometimes people need to see something different ways (I've heard 7 different ways) to understand it, and the Revolution Club has the ability to identify these 7 different ways and the best way to impact them.

    Right now financially I can only do $5 a month so I will do that until conditions change. But perhaps someone might be so moved by my statement as to offer $5 themselves.


** From a high school teacher: 

I would like to make it clear that I want to contribute regularly! Why? These fascists are not going away. History tells us you can’t “wait around until it all works out.” And not all of us can be on front line like the National Revolution Tour. We have to support those on the front lines AND those with the analysis, the context, and a way out and this is what the National Revolution Tour is doing. Remember that revcom.us front cover with Hitler Trump on the cover? Even I wasn’t quite sure. Even I had questions and concerns. But it turned out to be correct… the analysis is right on point. The National Revolution Tour offers another option, because what is being framed is either fascism or ‘reaching across the aisle.’ This revolutionary analysis has legs under it and people have to do the reading and study. Revolution. Sound far-fetched? Engage it. In fact it is irresponsible to not be engaging revolution – we are on the brink of whether we will survive as a species and genocidal racists in the most powerful country in the world have us teetering on full-out fascism. Fascism is the function of capitalism, a natural function, we would be remiss to not look at revolution and communism and support those who are taking it to the people.


** From two activists from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, New York:

We have raging genocidal viruses in this country!

The COVID-19 virus has been killing now as many people who died on 9/11 every day affecting disproportionately people of color. The COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly in prisons and jails across the country due to extreme congregate settings, poor health care, and grossly inadequate PPE.

Incarcerated people are infected by the coronavirus at a rate of more than five times higher than the nation’s overall rate. And yet there have not been anywhere near the numbers of early release especially amongst the aging and at-risk prisoners. This is genocide under a White Supremacist system.

The virus of systemic racism and genocide has been raging for centuries in this country since its beginning. Even in the light of the powerful, righteous uprisings for Black Lives Matter that took place over the past months, there has not even been an ounce of justice for the victims of State-Sponsored Violence!

The U.S. justice department just announced that after over five years of “investigating,” they will not bring any criminal charges in the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio, on November 22, 2014. Tamir was murdered while playing with a toy gun in less than a minute by police. 

Once again, it was recently announced that in Kenosha, WI, the prosecutors will not file criminal charges against the police officer who shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back in front of his three little children who were seated in his car on August 23, 2020. Jacob Blake is paralyzed for life.

And again, no charges have been filed in the killing of Breonna Taylor, an EMT worker who was shot in her bed by police in Louisville, Kentucky on March 13, 2020. Millions of people shouted her name in protests around the country for justice, to no avail.

We could go on and on with the thousands of names who have been killed by law enforcement with impunity. Mass incarceration infused with COVID-19, the relentless murder of Black, Brown, and Native peoples by law enforcement, are all part of the escalating genocide waged by this White Supremacist system.

This White Supremacist system is not “broken.” It is doing what it was designed to do. It is guilty of crimes against humanity and needs to be abolished! That is why, we from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, are supporting the National Revolution Tour and are calling on you to do the same and to donate generously. We need to support the Revolution Tour to fight for a better world where black and brown people no longer have a target on their back and white supremacists are no longer given a ‘get out of jail’ free card.

We urge you to join us and make a contribution to support the work of the National Revolution Tour!


** From an immigrant woman (in Spanish and English):
Apoyemos la gira por la revolución ahora más que nunca necesitamos seguir levantando la voz que Trump debe salir de la presidencia ya, debido a que el sistema se apoya en el pensamiento supremacista blanco es un riesgo, vemos cómo agencias del gobierno protegen y alientan estos movimientos de odio, y que quieren sentar las bases para un país, misógino, con opresión a las comunidades que se ven diferentes o piensan diferente a ellos. Por eso seguir luchando por un mundo mejor es importante y podemos hacerlo posible, apoyando con una donación a los compañeres en la Gira por la Revolución Nada Menos.

Let us support the tour for the revolution now more than ever we need to continue to raise the voice that Trump must leave the presidency now, because the system relies on white supremacist thinking is a risk, we see how government agencies protect and encourage these movements of hatred, and who want to lay the foundations for a country, misogynist, with oppression of communities that look different or think differently from them. That is why continuing to fight for a better world is important and we can make it possible by supporting our comrades in the Revolution Nothing Less Tour with a donation.


** From a donor in Southern California:

I donated to the revcoms because they truly understand and are well-versed in the fallacies of capitalism - they do important work, from the articles they publish to the peaceful protests that they organize with others, we all must strive to be as passionate and motivated as this organization is and we must support the Revolutionary Communists in whatever ways we can afford to.


** From a donor in California:

This week's siege on the Capitol showed to people across the country that the fight to quell authoritarianism in the United States is far, far from over. Many said that once the Democrats gained control of all branches of government, Donald Trump and his allies would accept defeat and move on. They were wrong. It's time to start calling these people what they are: Fascists who are committed to keep power at all costs. The people in power who have supported this attempt to overthrow the democratic process should be held accountable for their actions, but if history tells us anything, that is unlikely. The people being arrested and detained are simply middlemen who are being punished to appease the status quo, while those with political power in the country get off scot free, to possibly attempt more insurrections at a later date. The only way to fight Fascism in the 21st century is the same way it has been done in the past: through people power. The people rising up and saying no more to the racist and authoritarian mob is the only way to combat this rising threat. Not appeasement and twitter bans. Even if Donald Trump's administration ends on the 20th of January, Fascism is still here and more mainstream than it's ever been in close to 100 years. It's time to stop ignoring that fact and start fighting.


** From someone who has been sustaining the Tour and donated $600 today:

I am donating the full amount of my stimulus check. There is nothing that needs stimulating more than the latent revolutionary energy of millions fighting for a beautiful world worth living in. I have had the privilege of meeting numbers of members from the Revolution Club. They are some of the most inspiring and wonderful people I have ever met, both for their tireless efforts fighting for a bright future and in the way they as individuals represent that future in how they carry themselves and relate to others. There is no better cause anyone can donate their money to.


** From a member of the Revolution Club:

The role the Revcoms have played in leading society in these intense and unprecedented times is invaluable – but it does require funds to continue and grow. Donate what you can today!


** From someone making a $25 donation:

A small donation, but I encourage others to give what they can manage to fighting fascism and creating a better world.

Fundraising Livestream for the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour
January 31, 2021
The goal for the livestream of $30,000 was met and exceeded!

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