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Revolution Books Reading Collective on From Ike to Mao and Beyond: My Journey from Mainstream America to Revolutionary Communist, a memoir by Bob Avakian

Harlem: Condemning the Police Murder of Oscar Grant

Posted on 02/01/2009:

Protests Against U.S.-Backed Israeli Massacre of Gaza

Leonard Peltier Petition

Defend Science, Darwin, and the Biologists

Town Hall Meeting in Berkeley—A Call to Act to Stop the Israeli Massacre in Gaza

Posted on 01/18/2009:

January 14 Chicago Emergency Forum: "Stop the Israeli Massacre in Gaza"

Posted on 01/05/2009:

Protest at NY Grand Central Station Denounces Israeli Massacre

Harlem Speak-Out Against Israeli Massacre in Gaza

Posted on 12/22/2008:

A Weekend of Discovery: The Younger Generation and the Weekend Symposium “Rediscovering China’s Cultural Revolution: Art and Politics, Lived Experience, Legacies of Liberation”

The Struggle On Long Island Intensifies - Correspondence from a reader

The Struggle on Long Island (An interview with day laborers of Farmingville), translated from Spanish

Workers Occupy Republic Windows and Doors

Taking out Away With All Gods! at the American Academy of Religion

Received From World Can’t Wait…

Correspondence from Chicago: A Tribute to Beauty Turner



Posted on 12/7/2008:

Racist Injustice at the Dollar Tree

Reports of Israel Preparing Options for a Strike on Iran

Unopened Rape Kits and a Society of Violent Domination Over Women

Views and Mood of Some People “Post-Election”

Chicago Police Get M4 Military Assault Rifles

Program in LA: Religious Forces Challenge Torture

On the “We’re Not Your Soldiers” Tour

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