Revolution#131, June 1, 2008

On May 27 at noon the new Revolution Books in New York City opens its doors!
New location: 146 W. 26th St.

More than a bookstore, Revolution Books is a center of revolutionary ferment, a crucible where re-envisioned revolutionary communism interacts with all the streams of progressive, radical, and revolutionary life.

The store proceeds from an understanding that the problem in today’s world is capitalism/imperialism, and that a communist world brought into being by a revolution would be far better—and is possible.

At the heart of Revolution Books is the work of Bob Avakian.  His radical re-envisioning of revolution and communism goes beyond even the best of previous socialist societies.  This new synthesis is animating a new conversation at the store.

On its communist foundation, Revolution Books offers a diverse and cutting-edge collection of books on history, politics, philosophy, science, ecology, novels, the arts, poetry, religion and atheism, children’s literature, a section of Spanish-language books and a large selection of periodicals.

Most evenings at the store you’ll find a political discussion, author reading, debate, screening, performance, concert, or informal salon. 

Selected events in June:

June 3, 10, 17, 24, 7 pm: Discussion of “Making Revolution, Emancipating Humanity” by Bob Avakian

June 5, 7 pm: Jeff Sharlet, author of “THE FAMILY: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power”

June 19, 7 pm: Julie Salamon, author of “HOSPITAL”

June 23, 7 pm: David Shapiro performing the play “THE FEVER” by Wallace Shawn


Contributions are urgently needed to buy new books for the re-opening and pay for the bookshelves, floor, bathroom, espresso machine… the store has been closed for 6 weeks to renovate its new location. Revolution Books belongs to the people and relies on an all-volunteer staff and donations to survive and thrive in New York City.

Contributors of $500 or more will receive 10% discount on books for 1 year. Give to something that will really matter.

Send checks to: 
Revolution Books  •  146 W. 26th Street  •  New York City, NY 10001

Or go to to contribute online.

Come join the all-volunteer staff.  Full or part-time, or just a few hours a week. 

Open Monday-Saturday 12 to 7, Sunday 12 to 5  •  212-691-3345


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