Together WE Met Our $40,000 Goal
to Transform’ Web Technology and Presence! Much Appreciation to All Who Made It Possible

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Together WE Met Our $40,000 Goal!

This is a real advance for humanity.  It will fund’ move to modern web technology and a modern web platform in the near future. That in turn will significantly strengthen our ability to reach out to thousands and millions, and foster the kind of engagement with Bob Avakian’s pathbreaking work and leadership and vital content, that is so urgently needed now.

So a big shout-out to everyone who donated or spread, or supported this campaign and made this important achievement possible! provides what the world needs most right now: a deeply scientific analysis of the causes of the horrors assaulting humanity and the environment, and a real, emancipating solution and pathway out of the needless suffering and destruction which threatens the very existence of much of our planet’s life. is a fully bilingual, English-Spanish, website where people from 167 countries worldwide—this month alone—find and engage the work and leadership of Bob Avakian (BA), the most important political thinker and leader in the world today. BA has brought forward a whole new framework for human emancipation—the new communism—which undergirds all our work at

Yet far too few people know about or are connected to, in part because with our outdated web technology we have not been able to take advantage of new forms of community on the internet to quickly and widely spread BA’s unparalleled leadership and our site’s scientific exposure, analysis and guidance.

In short, there’s a crying need for to be radically transformed, and there is work in progress to do just that.

With the help of some generous donors, we’ve already been working hard over the past months to transform’ web presence. We’ve dramatically changed our website’s look and accessibility, especially for new visitors and younger readers. And we’ve added a whole new online dimension—a YouTube channel, TheRevcoms, with the weekly RNL—Revolution Nothing Less—Show.

Now, we’re working on an even bigger leap—building a new web platform with modern, mobile friendly web technology, that will be the hub of an overall and expanded revolutionary communist web presence. This will enable us to:

  • More quickly post articles responding to events with the analysis and leadership people need
  • Make this revolutionary, world-class content accessible to the growing numbers of people who rely on mobile devices
  • More quickly, easily, and widely spread content—including articles, videos, images, podcasts & more—on social media
  • Give us greater ability to develop ways people can interact with the site

Just think how essential it’s been during this fierce, nail-biting battle against Trump/Pence fascism to be able to access Bob Avakian’s pathbreaking analysis and leadership—both strategic and ‘in the moment’—other timely exposures, the work of, and more at

Now just think how life-and-death it is for that revolutionary work and leadership to be spread even more quickly and widely on different platforms in the current critical, tumultuous juncture!

Reaching this $40,000 goal allows for the needed for professional technical developers, new software, and a new, more secure platform and web server—and crucially, to avoid any delay in developing this brand new, multifaceted online presence even as we continue to pay for ongoing overhead.

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Get a free email subscription:


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“Why I Contribute...”
Our donors and sustainers speak.

From a repeat donor:
“I’m not in a position to do much more than donate, so I’m really glad I can do that. And above all, I’m just so glad you all are there! That we have BA and an organized force that is working to fight on every front, not just against fascism, but to bring about the future we really need!”


From $300 donor:
Jan. 6. I couldn't watch today's fascist rehearsal in DC and not do something. So I split my stimulus check with revcom.


06 January, 2021
I gave again on the fourth. I didn’t exactly give until it hurt, but it was painful. I am without work due to Covid-19. I gave again because it is very important right now to do what we can to prevent a coup from taking place. Trump has succeeded in making us a Third World political state.

There has never been a time in my long lifetime when it has been more important for there to be a source of truth and knowledge as it is today and a clear scientific approach to reality. We have always needed a true communist revolution, not only in this country, but everywhere in the world. We especially need to have a clear voice that can explain what the 5-2-6 is all about and how emancipation and a better world for everyone could be had. I think that if those who voted for Biden and probably half of those who voted for Trump truly understood what communism is, they would be for revolution. We need a source that exposes the lies that are taught, repeated, and repeated until the lies become belief.

That is the importance of Revcom. That is why I donated again and then upped my pledge. I appeal to everyone in the name of humanity and sanity to give now. It is important. Our future and that of our progeny depend on it.

A donor in Houston


January 2
Congratulations on making your goal of $20,000. There is so much to reverse after the 2020 election and we need to be virtually aggressive in making our voices heard on climate change, economic and gender inequity, poverty, systemic racism in policing, housing, education and opportunity, the need for universal health care and a deep dive into the structural faults in our form of government. BA needs to be part of the conversation.    —smd


From a supporter:
For a long time now, I have been donating as much as I can whenever some money comes in. You might call it “pay as you go.” I was planning on donating again sometime next week.

And then the Pennsylvania State Senate refused to seat a duly elected Democrat, and according to CNN, “seized control of the proceedings from the Democratic lieutenant governor after his objections."

Events are accelerating rapidly—in fact there is an acceleration within the acceleration—and next week is too long to wait!

So I just donated $200 to the single organized force that is not only fighting to liberate all of humanity through the socialist revolution we so urgently require—but in the most intensely bitter irony of all, to the only organized force that is standing, in concert with Refuse Fascism and a relative handful of others, in active defense of bourgeois democracy!

Gil Scott-Heron, in a very different context, wrote a brilliant poem for Jose Campos Torres. If you can, find that recording from The Mind of Gil Scott-Heron, and listen to it over and over again, until you know “how to live and how to die.” But in the meantime, think well on these excerpts:

I had said I wasn’t gonna write no more poems like this
But the dogs are in the street
The dogs are alive and the terror in our hearts has scarcely diminished
The dogs, rabid, foaming with the energy of their brutish ignorance
Stride the city streets like robot gunslingers
And the dogs are in the motherfucking street.
I had said I wasn’t gonna write no more poems like this
I made a mistake


I firmly believe in the need, for all of mankind to be emancipated from exploitation & oppression. And, being a retired proletarian on a fixed income, can only wish I had more to contribute for our cause. –JB


“You guys are doing the heavy lifting, this is the least I could do.”
– Contributor of a $1,000 match


This is a donation to RCP Publications for their 2021 drive to modernize the website as part of driving out the fascist Trump/ Pence regime and preparing the ground for a new society that meets the needs of humanity and the planet. It is also being given in memory of LA, a woman who desired a world that all human beings could meet their full potential, but was destroyed by the workings of this system, like so many other people. –From a supporter


[It is] especially uplifting to see @therevcoms, young and old, taking up the writings and leadership of BA. And now, entering into the fascist fray that has no intent of going away.


A supporter collected donations “to spread the reach of this crucial source of leadership in a world that is crying out for revolution.”


Hi Dear Friends,

I just donated $1,000 [in matching funds] to RCP Publications. What better day to donate to Revolution than today! And well...any day, actually. Seeing the RNL Show come to life and fine tuning itself has been a big wow! … Here's a challenge to all who hold humanity and this precious planet dear; who are fearful, yet dare to dream. Think BA and REVOLUTION. And while you do, match my donation of $1,000. And we'll dream together.

My Cat and I


From a supporter:

I have donated today to show my appreciation to BA and all of those who work hard to create a better society for all and to say thank you for your service!

Most of us sit at home, outraged, yet quite complacently comfortable in our armchairs, while others, like you all, take the baton and run with it. It is humbling to watch and also motivating to get out of that armchair and actually do something, say something, feel something, help make something happen.


“In memory of a friend, a sweet person, who was a victim of the system.”
That message came with a $200 contribution to You see, the victim’s mother had asked her relatives to honor her late daughter by donating to the fund drive.


From a reader:
I am challenging all readers of to answer its call for funds to build an improved website and match my $1,000 donation. Humankind stands on a precipice, what happens in the next few years will have immense consequences for the future of this beautiful planet. There is nothing more important in our efforts to finally leave behind a long history of barbarism and move into a bright future than spreading BA's new communism everywhere. is the seeding machine to do just that, to show people there is a way out of this intolerable world. Help bring that understanding to millions more. Donate!


Revcom provides a scientific basis for understanding the way things are and could be that other publications simply do not. They're truth diggers and work hard at uncovering reality rather than cloaking things in mystery and idealism. You got to love it for that alone.

A reader in Chicago