Revolution #179, October 11, 2009

Raymond Lotta Kicks Off Speaking Tour with Special Webcast Event

On September 29, people around the country had a special and unique opportunity to log in and listen to a live presentation by Raymond Lotta and then, in real time, ask questions and hear Lotta’s answers.

Lotta’s webcast speech, titled “Behind the World Economic Crisis: System Failure and the Need for Revolution,” is extremely timely. Despite big pronouncements of “recovery,” the economic crisis of the capitalist system is continuing. The worldwide food crisis and hunger have reached even more extreme levels. U.S. war continues in the Middle East and plans are being made for more U.S. troops in Afghanistan. People are wrestling with how to understand all this. Millions are going to Michael Moore’s film, Capitalism: A Love Story. Meanwhile, discussion of “socialism” and “communism” is being bandied about in perverse ways by right-wing populists who spread mass confusion by calling Obama a “socialist.” And all the while, people still believe the BIG LIE that “this is the best of all possible worlds,” that nothing better is possible, that socialism and communism have failed.

This special web event also served to kick off a major campus speaking tour by Raymond Lotta, titled, “Everything You’ve Been Told About Communism Is Wrong—Capitalism is a Failure, Revolution is the Solution.” This tour has great potential and will address a great need—to radically change the public discourse on campus about capitalism, revolution, socialism, and communism. This tour aims to really crack through the stifling atmosphere and suffocating confines of discourse among students. To really get into what is wrong with this system, how things don’t have to be this way, and how a whole new, liberating society is possible. To connect revolution and communism and the vision and leadership of Bob Avakian with a whole new generation of students. To overturn the verdict on communism; call out the system; and organize a new generation into the movement for revolution.

The questions submitted at the webcast event were serious, wide ranging and provocative—and reflected a diverse audience. Among the questions Lotta addressed were ones about socialist countries and self-reliance; micro loans in the Third World; the environmental crisis; and motivation under socialism. There were many more questions Lotta did not have time to speak to. But this hour-long Q&A previewed the kind of powerful arguments, substance and real answers to questions and challenges that Raymond Lotta will be bringing to campuses on his upcoming tour.

This event was a fundraiser for Revolution Books in New York, part of a $100,000 campaign now underway. By logging in and paying $20, people contributed to making it possible for Revolution Books to not only survive, but thrive and grow as a center of radical and revolutionary ferment. As a “Dear Friends” letter from the bookstore put it, “This is a moment in history when Revolution Books is needed to soar—expanding its unique collection of progressive and revolutionary books; producing even more cutting edge programs, and developing the capacity to broadcast these events on the internet and cable TV.” And for those who missed out on September 29, it’s not too late! To donate and hear Lotta’s webcast speech people can go to and click the “Buy Now” button.

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