Revolution #184, November 29, 2009

From World Can’t Wait:

Protest the Democrats’ Abortion Ban.
Nothing short of being in the streets!

What You Can Do to Protest the Stupak Amendment:

Why should anti-abortion fanatics in Congress be allowed to set the terms for women’s lives?

One house of Congress passed health care “reform” including the Stupak-Pitts Amendment which extends the federal ban on abortion to millions more women. Even women paying for private insurance plans with their own money will not be able to buy abortion coverage.

Theocrats who believe they are on a mission from God, advocate the subjugation of women, and think gay people should burn in hell, don’t back down without a fight. Now the Senate is debating health care reform. This abortion ban cannot stand!

We need to set our own terms with widespread resistance and visible protest.

Join the National Organization for Women and The World Can’t Wait in protests:

Schedule a protest or find one at 866 973 4463

Watch a discussion filmed November 21, “Abortion, Women’s Lives and the Democrats’ Women Killing Abortion Ban” featuring Fran Luck, WBAI Radio producer; Erin Matson, Action Vice President for the National Organization for Women; Jill McLaughlin from World Can’t Wait; and Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution.

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