Revolution #208, July 25, 2010

Correction to "Arizona's anti-Immigrant Law is Inhumane & Illegitimate"

The print version of "Arizona's anti-Immigrant Law is Inhumane & Illegitimate" contains an unclear paragraph. The corrected paragraph, which should be pasted as a sticker (available here: English | Spanish) over the previous paragraph on all print copies, reads:

The heart of the program of these fascists is to restore or return to that original social contract—with its male supremacy and white supremacy—which they associate with a time when the U.S. was "riding high." In fact, many even wax nostalgic about the Confederacy when the only reason for its existence was to defend slavery. In their view, if it takes establishing a fascist regime to do it, so be it. They are appealing to people who feel their whole way of life is threatened. They see the decadent culture and they want to get back to those earlier values. In their view, “if it weren't for people like Obama... If it weren't for these elites... and Wall Street barons, giving away our wealth.”  They look out and see all this and think that without a solid center, the whole country is going to fall apart.


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