Revolution #208, July 25, 2010

The Campaign: Mid-Summer Report

The conferences held in late May to get into, and lay plans for, the campaign around "The Revolution We Need... The Leadership We Have" marked a turning point for this campaign. In just the past six weeks, there’s a greatly heightened feel of a national campaign around... and important new advances, building on the plans off the conferences.

Very importantly: all of this was done in conjunction with important struggles against police brutality and murder, against repression directed against immigrants, and around the environment.

A lot of this flowed directly out of plans made at the conferences. The percolation at the conferences on other projects will also be brought to bear in the coming weeks. Some of this was featured in the article "Report from the Conferences: Making Bob Avakian a Household Name," and some will come out in other ways. During these next few months, we will be putting out plans for really making an impact on the campuses... for getting the content and reach of this paper, Revolution, which is the hub and pivot of the revolutionary movement, onto a different level... and for really giving people who are coming forward the opportunity to dig very deeply into the thinking and plans this Party has for actually making revolution in the USA. 

The plans for the next three weeks are laid out on this page.  So, jump in... and stay tuned.

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