Revolution #208, July 25, 2010

These Next Few Weeks:

Special Efforts with this Issue of the Paper... Followed by Five Days of Saturation with the Message and Call... And Another Web-A-Thon!

1) The next 10 days:

This issue of the paper has particular importance: it puts the vicious fascist offensive against immigrants from Mexico and Central America, and against Latino and other people of color generally, in the context of revolution, and it gives direction to that struggle. It needs to go out far and wide. We should, in doing this, get subscriptions, and find stores, community centers, etc. that would carry the paper and show the Revolution talk DVD (see special sub blank).

There are also plans to make a big deal of a clip from Bob Avakian's talk on Revolution—a section entitled "Why Do People Come Here From All Over The World?" We're going to project this voice into the whole debate around immigration and the struggle against this anti-immigrant offensive, especially on July 29, when the new fascist law in Arizona goes into effect. Check the Facebook site "Revolution: A Film of a Talk By Bob Avakian" ( for plans.

2) July 31 through August 5:

In the wake of that effort, we then need another concentrated push, nationwide, of really getting out the Message and Call. Take time now to talk to everyone who participated in, or who you have met during or since, the last big effort, in early June. Figure out with them the best way to help the effort: some people like to really get these out on their own, some like to be part of a big team, other people may want to help in other ways. Listen to what people say, and learn from it. And raise funds as you go—make sure that there is someone agitating for funds, and shaking the bucket.

This should give impetus to ongoing local plans to get out the Message and Call, and reach our goal of one million through the summer. It should also be seen as part of ongoing efforts all over the country, including to get it out big-scale at important festivals, concerts, etc. (People should make sure to send the results of their efforts since the June push, and as we go forward, to the paper.)

At the same time, there should be a special effort to popularize the new image of Bob Avakian. Everyone should be wearing the T-shirts during this period (along with some people wearing Revolution T-shirts at the same time); everybody should be getting out palm cards and buttons, and there should be efforts to do light projections of the image on walls. Send in pictures!

Return to one area you went to last time; and choose a new area. Use the best saturation techniques you developed from last time.

Have the saturation captain report in figures every night during this period, as they did in early June.

3) If we are doing our work right, we should be provoking interest in Bob Avakian. People want to know what this leader stands for, and who he is. So everyone should purchase a couple of copies of Bob Avakian's memoir, From Ike to Mao...And Beyond, and backpack it, and leave a copy around on your coffee table, etc; when people express interest, sell it to them, as well as friends, relatives, and others.

4) August 8: Web-a-thon, to raise money for special projects to popularize Bob Avakian's leadership, especially the Revolution talk, and for the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund. Recruit people to help phone-bank for this.

5) At all times: seek out ways to give life to the slogan, "Fight The Power, And Transform The People, For Revolution."

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