You Think You’re Woke... But You’re Sleepwalking Through A Nightmare—This System Cannot Be Reformed, It Must Be Overthrown!

The National Get Organized For An ACTUAL Revolution Tour



We need a better world. And the National Tour is here in Chicago this summer, as part of ORGANIZING all over the country for a revolution to get to that world.

When we say “revolution,” we don’t mean some kind of bullshit voting that doesn’t change anything, or “work-within-the-system,” or heal-yourself” scheme. No. We are talking about mobilizing millions for an actual overthrow of this whole system. Overthrowing it, and then bringing in a totally new economic system and new constitution, and new ways of relating to each other, and the whole planet. We are talking about a revolution against all oppression, to emancipate humanity.

We have the strategy that could win such a revolution. We have the plan for what comes next. And we have Bob Avakian, who’s developed the science of revolution to a whole new level, who’s never given up or lost his heart for the people, and who is leading the revolution. You can learn more about all this by going to and watching BA’s filmed speech, Why We Need An Actual Revolution—And How We Could Really Make Revolution.

But while we have all that, and all that is extremely important, we do not have the people who are needed to make this a reality. Thousands need to get organized into the ranks of the revolution now, while millions are being influenced in favor of this revolution. What we need now are people who see the need for the big and radical change that is REVOLUTION, and want to do something to bring that about. People who want to fight for basic change and work on solving the problems we face in doing this... people who have ideas, as well as energy, to contribute. If you are that person, the National Revolution Tour is here in Chicago now to connect with you.

Look Around The World

Look at the border, where this government rips children away from their parents—with some even dying!—for the “crime” of desperately seeking a better life. Then look at the cities, where the police still beat down, mass-incarcerate, and kill off Black and Latino youth; or where ICE pulls off its raids. Look at what is being done to women, where—on top of everything else—now even the right to control their own bodies—to say when and if they want to have a child—is being taken away. Look at the ripping away of rights from LGBTQ people, and the murders going on of trans women. Meanwhile, the planet burns hotter... and Trump threatens war, to grab an even bigger share of the world.

And look at Chicago. The segregation, discrimination, and oppression of 100 years ago not only still goes on, in some very important ways it is worse! While Trump tells people of color to “go back where they came from,” the Chicago Police tell our youth to go back where they “come from,” even putting them on one-way, non-stop trains to the south side if they find “too many” of them downtown! This system has no future for the masses of Black and Latino youth other than being hounded and brutalized, arrested and even killed by the police. What makes it even worse is that instead of fighting the oppressor, too many of these youth have been set up to fight each other. But we aim to change all that.

What You Can Do... NOW

Bob Avakian tells the truth: “...we have two choices: either, live with all this, and condemn future generations to the same, or worse, if they have a future at all; or, make revolution!”
Right now, while getting word of revolution out, we are also acting, to get things ready for revolution while we reach more people.

What we are planning:

Saturday, July 27 is the 100th anniversary of a vicious white mob attack on Black people on the 31st St. beach and a racist riot in Chicago. By the end of the week, dozens had been killed. The racist riot in Chicago and the resistance to it was the peak of a whole wave of racist assaults that began in April in Georgia, with the murders of six Black people by a white mob. It is also the anniversary of Black people righteously defending themselves against that in Chicago. Today there is an overt white supremacist in the White House, with his followers preparing for a civil war. We are going to be putting forward and organizing for revolution to do away with all oppression. We will be bringing together people of different colors, backgrounds and genders to emancipate all humanity. And we will be uniting with everyone who wants to commemorate this anniversary and say NO MORE to these kinds of horrors, everyone who wants to resist right now as well as commemorate, whatever their larger viewpoints.

Sunday, July 28 we will be having Future People Fundraising Party! Join with people all over the country to raise funds for the National Revolution Tour. We will be living the future today with music, art and ways of treating each other that reflect the world we are fighting to bring into being.

Be part of making this revolution a reality, in ways large and small. Follow us on social media. Donate. Come to the center at 1857 E. 71st St. and share your questions and your ideas. And join in to build this first big weekend of revolution on July 27-28.

Revolution Club Chicago 312-804-9121
Revolution Club Organizing Center, 1857 E. 71st St.


Go All Out for the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour National Fundraising Weekend

A Weekend of Revolution:

Saturday, July 27

100 years since the White Supremacist Riot in Chicagoand The Righteous Resistance against itof 1919...
We Say: NO MORE! Get Organized For An ACTUAL Revolution.

1:30pm March and Procession

Gather at 31st and Cottage Grove

5:30pm Commemoration and Call to Revolution

31st Street Beach, at the Historic 29th Street Location

Sunday, July 28

3:30 pm CDT

Tune into for the national livestream from Chicago

Find a group viewing of the livestream near you HERE

5pm-8pm: Future People Fundraising Party!

$15 ticket price
Elastic Arts,
3429 W. Diversey Ave. #208,
Chicago, 60647

Watch BA’s whole speech, Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution

Watch clips from speech HERE


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