The Draft Programme of the RCP, USA

Table of Contents & Preface

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Part 1 

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Part II: Appendices

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1.The Party and the Masses  

2.Revolution Means Waging People’s War

3.Create Public Opinion, Seize Power! Prepare Minds and Organize Forces for Revolution. The Central Task of the RCP,USA  

4.The United Front Under the Leadership of the Proletariat: Part 1: Why and How the Proletariat Builds and Leads the United Front 

5.United Front Under the Leadership of the Proletariat: Part 2: Who Are Our Friends, Who Are Our Enemies? A Brief Presentation of Classes in U.S. Society

6.The Party Under Socialism, and the Transition to Communism

7.Consolidating the New Proletarian Power, Developing Radically New Institutions

8.Proletarian Dictatorship, Democracy and the Rights of the People

9.Internationalism and International Relations

10. Uprooting National Oppression and White Supremacy  

11. Ending Discrimination Against Immigrants  

12. The Proletarian Revolution and the Emancipation of Women

13. Art, Science, Education, Sports, and the Challenge of Creating a Whole New Superstructure in Socialist Society

14. The New Socialist Economy — Part 1: Grasp Revolution, Promote Production 

15. The New Socialist Economy — Part 2: Agriculture, City and Countryside, Ecology, and Planning 

16. Proletarian Morality—A Radical Rupture With Tradition’s Chains

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