Revolution #151, December 28, 2008

Join the Debate: Get the “Buffalo Soldier” Article to Many More People

Issue #150 of Revolution includes an important article by Carl Dix titled “Don’t Be a Buffalo Soldier.” As Barack Obama calls for a new era of “service” for America, there are among Black people—the youth in particular—those who hate the way things have been under Bush but are now thinking that they might support and even join a military with Obama as commander-in-chief. The article speaks powerfully to these youth, getting sharply into why they should NOT follow in the footsteps of the Buffalo Soldiers, the Black cavalry units made up of former slaves that fought for the U.S. in the genocidal wars against Native Americans. And it calls on the youth to get into a cause based on real hope and real service to bring about real change in the interests of humanity—making revolution.

As the war and occupation continues in Iraq, and as the U.S. gears up for a new “surge” in Afghanistan, it’s crucial that this article get out broadly—among the youth especially, but also among vets, prisoners, and many others. Cut out the article and put it up on the walls.

We got substantial responses from readers to this—some of which are posted at We want to get a debate over this going in the pages of Revolution, at, and beyond that, throughout society. Post the article at web sites and blogs, send it out via email, and submit it to online publications. (Post the whole article and let people know it is from Revolution.)

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