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Updated 1/3/2015


Rock in the New Year With Resistance to Police Murder!
A Call from Carl Dix

On New Year's Eve, as the clock winds down on 2014, the powers that be will hope to be ringing in a new year that carries forward business as usual. That must not be allowed to go down because business as usual in Amerikkka includes wanton police murder of Black people. The refusal of grand juries in Ferguson and Staten Island to indict the cops who murdered Michael Brown and Eric Garner made this clear. So the powerful, beautiful and necessary outpourings that have disrupted this society's normal routine must continue and escalate on New Year's Eve and into the New Year.


Stop Mass Incarceration Network NYC Press Conference: “No New Year Under This Old System. We Can't Breathe!”

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All Out for New Year’s Eve! No New Year Under This Old System!

December 29, 2014

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Points of Orientation in the Wake of Events on December 20, 2014

Decenber 21, 2014

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What we need is an actual revolution...

Get into BA

NYC: Marchers Defy NYPD Threats

Marching to Times Square

Photo: @I_Cant_Breathe

Midnight: Protesters enter into crowds at Times Square chanting: Indict, convict, send the killer cops to jail - the whole damn system is guilty as hell; I can't breathe; If we don't get it shut it down; How do you spell terrorist? NYPD; and No new year with the same old shit, we need a revolution, get with it.

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Protest Attacked at St. Louis Metro Police Headquarters

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“We Are All Still Oscar Grant”

Hundreds of people, including many of Oscar Grant's family and friends, attended the 6th Annual Oscar Grant Vigil organized by Oscar's family. The event is held each year outside the Fruitvale BART station where Oscar was murdered by BART police while returning home from celebrating New Year's Eve in San Francisco. At the vigil people spoke, sang, and performed poetry in remembrance of Oscar's life and in support of the struggle to end police brutality, and to say WE ARE ALL STILL OSCAR GRANT.

6th Annual Oscar Grant Vigil
Poetry group Young Gifted and Black performing at the vigil for Oscar Grant. Photo: Special to

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Seattle: “Cheer for a 2015 where all the system’s crimes are resisted and we move to put them to an end”

Seattle, December 31

People in Seattle rallied and marched into the middle of the New Year’s celebration at Seattle Center that draws thousands of people to watch fireworks at the Space Needle. We spoke to the crowd calling for people to put their hands in the air to put an end to police murder and say “No New Year Under This Old System.”

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Grand Park, December 31

The Revolution Club and Stop Mass Incarceration Network took the call—No New Year Under This Old System; We Can't Breathe—to Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles, where tens of thousands of people came to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Downtown San Francisco

“I can't breathe” in downtown Houston

Houston, December 31

Photo: Special to

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Cleveland: No Business as Usual on New Year’s Eve

About 25 people braved the cold to protest business as usual on New Year’s Eve. At Public Square a huge banner—Rock in the New Year with Resistance to Police Murder! NO NEW YEAR UNDER THIS OLD SYSTEM! WE CAN’T BREATHE!”—grabbed people’s attention. We marched to the official New Year’s Eve event, which featured the rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, whose lyrics demean women.

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Harlem, New Year's Eve

"No new year under this old system" on Chicago's Navy Pier -- 1000s of youth descended on the pier to watch fireworks and many saw the protest. Photo:


Harlem, New Year's Eve

Harlem, New Year's Eve. Photo:

Market St., Newark NJ

Market Street, Newark

New Year's Eve PM - Market St. in Newark NJ shut down by protest. Photo: Twitter/Art Superheroes ‏@WikileaksTruck

Boston, 5 PM: 100+ Stage Die-in in Copley Square

Boston, December 31

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Pittsburgh, December 31

Photo: Twitter/@endwhitesilence


Philadelphia, December 31.

New Year’s Eve #blacklivesmatter protest, Philadelphia, 7th & Arch. Photo: Twitter/@jpegjoshua

From NYC Stop Mass Incarceration Network:

Demand a Permit to March New Years Eve!

Press conference, New York City

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12/31 Press Conference at Hall of Justice in SF

San Francisco press converence December 31.

Mainstream and alternative TV, radio and other media showed up for a press conference at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Code Pink, Mujeres Unidas y Activas, Revolution Club, and a San Francisco high school teacher called for intensifying and spreading resistance in 2015, and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day protests in San Francisco and Oakland.

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