What Are the Key Materials to Use in Organizing for October 22-24?

October 4, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


There are a lot of materials and articles up on this site that relate to the days of resistance against police murder and terror on October 22-24. But what are the key materials for people to use?

First, there is a new posting and pdf for printing now available at revcom.us that lays out what is happening on October 22-24, which should be very widely gotten out all over. Everyone should also be getting out the palmcard put out on this by the Rise Up October coalition, and the Stolen Lives poster, too. (See the page for downloadable Rise Up October materials.)

Second, the basic argument for these days is contained in the three points in “Which Side Are You On? Why There Must Be a Truly MASSIVE Outpouring Against Police Murder on October 24 and Why YOU Are Needed.” These points form a basic message for everyone to use. In addition, the editorial “The Struggle to Stop Police Murder” goes into that from the point of view of the relation of October 22-24 to revolution, and should be studied and drawn on for agitation. 

Third, there are some key pieces on this site that address questions that come up among the people. These are the “Reality Check” pieces and the somewhat longer but still concise agitation of “Then Would You Call It Genocide?” There is also a letter addressed to voices of conscience—“When it comes to police terror, WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?” which should be given and sent out broadly to the intended audience. In addition the Call and Challenge by Joe Veale and a member of the Los Angeles Revolution Club should be used especially (but not exclusively) in the neighborhoods where there has been a great deal of shootings among the masses.

In all this, people should also wield the quote from BA earlier this summer (now available as palmcard) on the possibility of great beauty emerging from unspeakable ugliness, as well as other quotes from BAsics that relate to the what people feel up against and what we are striving to do, and revcoms should be backpacking and selling copies of BAsics, as well as Revolution newspaper.

These, in our opinion, form the core “messaging” materials for October 22-24. Now let’s get them out!


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