Announcing the BA Everywhere Campaign, November 2011:

A Mass Campaign to Raise Big Money to Get BA’s Vision and Works Into Every Corner of Society




Launching BA Everywhere Summer 2013: Making a Difference, Changing the World!

THANK YOU! $24,606 has been raised to launch BA Everywhere Summer 2013!

July 16, 2013 | BA Everywhere |

Thank you to the hundreds who contributed in small and large amounts. Thank you to everyone who got the word out for the campaign -- through phone calls, e-mails and social-media postings. Together we raised the funds to fill a very great need in the world -- spreading the work and vision of Bob Avakian, and connecting people throughout society with the possibility of a radically better world. As people seethe over the not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, as abortion clinics are shuttered across the country and as the U.S. government stands by its program of total surveillance, people need to know that there is a scientific solution to these horrors. Van Tours have already launched from New York, LA, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area spreading the film BA Speaks: Revolution - Nothing Less! Bob Avakian Live and the book BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian. Visit for regular updates, and follow @BAeverywhere on Twitter to stay connected with the campaign. In a world of turmoil and mass upsurges from Turkey to Brazil to New York to Sanford, Florida, every single donation that came in will go toward opening up debate and discussion in society; so that once again the times will resonate with big dreams of fundamental change and emancipating all of humanity.

See below for articles, correspondences and video from the crowdfunding campaign.

BA Everywhere Online Summer 2013 Crowdfunding Campaign:

Making a Difference, Changing the World

To visit the crowdfunding campaign page, and watch the video:

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Breaking it Down and Raising Sights

Going All Out to Raise the $20,000 Goal for the BA Everywhere Summer Van Tours!

A Call to Contribute from Jazz Pianist and Composer Matthew Shipp

“ . . . BA is one of the few theorists asking the right questions . . .”

Crowdfund the BA Everywhere Indiegogo Campaign Through Social Media

You are needed to make sure that many, many people find out about this campaign and donate to make it real. Share and spread this online, and get your friends together to help it reach farther. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, you can help!

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Professor Calls on Educators Who "Want to See a Different World" to Match His Donation to "BA Everywhere Summer 2013"

Dear Friends at BA Everywhere:

I am a Professor of Sociology and chose this field in part because I wanted to more deeply understand the world and help others understand the world in order to change it. I know that there are many in the academic community who go into their fields for similar reasons and who can and should be donating to this Indiegogo fund drive.

I am putting up a $500 challenge to other teachers and professors to match my donation.

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A Call to Donate: "I felt like clouds were moving aside"

From a young woman volunteering with BA Everywhere

When I first learned of Bob Avakian, I attended a listening and discussion at Revolution Books of the radio interview done by Cornel West in October 2012. There I bought a copy of BAsics, which is always recommended as a good book to begin with and a book everyone should have.

Reading that book began a process of transformation, in the sense that things that were once cloudy or seemed complex and that I didn't have a very clear understanding of, suddenly became very clear....

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BA Everywhere Online Summer Crowdfunding Campaign Launched!

Go to:

There are big plans for this summer and beyond for BA Everywhere—the campaign to raise big money so that people in all corners of society can get the word about Bob Avakian and the revolutionary vision and works he's brought forward. Check out the Revolution editorial "A Summer of Big Challenges and Intense Struggle," which points to the crucial, dynamic role of BA Everywhere in the whole movement for revolution in raising sights to the actual, viable SOLUTION to the horrors people around the world face.

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Summer 2013 BA Everywhere Campaign: Making a Difference

On the weekend of June 1-2, planning conferences for the Summer 2013 BA Everywhere Campaign took place in various cities across the country. The conferences, involving many different people, were a chance to wrestle with how to make a real national impact—to raise the kind of funds that will make it possible to reach millions with Bob Avakian's revolutionary communist vision and works. Check and future issues of Revolution for reports about the conferences and the plans coming out of them. The following is the keynote speech for the conferences.

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