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Interview with Former Prisoner, Part 3

Don't Risk Your Life Over Stupid Shit—Be Down for Revolution

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Interview with Scientist Michael Mann

Leaked UN Report Reveals Ominous Implications of Climate Change

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Watching the Film Disruption and Engaging People Going to the Climate March

Get on the Buses Going to People's Climate March September 21

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"No Solutions" in Gender Studies—One Solution for Humanity

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Project Censored Radio Show:

Why Even "Left Wing" Media Censored the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride

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From A World to Win News Service

» Annexing territories and cutting off heads—what, really, are Western values?

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» International readings demands "liberty and recognition" for Edward Snowden

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Larry Everest on Michael Slate Show:

Terrorist-in-Chief Declares War

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Click to expand "We must always be ready to kill anybody who doesn't love peace as much as we do"

Day —the cop who killed Michael Brown still walks free!




A Comment on Events in Syria and Iraq

Any ideology or set of beliefs that can't stand criticism and denounces people who disagree with it as "heretics," and kills or otherwise seeks to silence those people who disagree with it, is a cowardly and bankrupt ideology and one that nobody should have anything to do with...

Today the representatives of the U.S. express shock and outrage at such tactics. But fundamentally, to the USA and other imperialists, whether or not to support this kind of religious fundamentalist fascism is a matter of taste—their only criterion is whether it works for, or against, how they view their interests in any situation. Think of Saudi Arabia, where the U.S. has used massive weaponry and political support to reinforce a reactionary religious state which goes so far as to forbid women the right to drive! And, quiet as it's kept today, check out the way in which the U.S. bankrolled and gave military support to Osama bin-Laden and other forces like him in Afghanistan in the 1980s, when that suited their interests.


Tickets Now Available for the November 15th  Revolution and Religion Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian

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September 21, 2014

It's ALL about Getting Free:

The Forest and the Trees


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Host Committee to Promote Cornel West-Bob Avakian Dialogue on Revolution and Religion Is Announced

Updated September 19, 2014

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A Call to Teachers:

We Don't Have to "Get Used To" Oppression–A Month of Resistance Against the New Jim Crow

September 19, 2014

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Take the Revolution To the Campus

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» Communism or Nationalism?
The Revolutionary Communist Organization, Mexico (OCR, Mexico)

» From Unresolved Contradictions, Driving Forces for Revolution by Bob Avakian:
"The New Synthesis and the Woman Question: The Emancipation of Women and the Communist Revolution—Further Leaps and Radical Ruptures"


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