Serve the People!.

People's War in Peru

  • The Fall of Peru's Bloody Dictator, U.S. Puppet Fujimori Escapes to Japan, RW #1081, December 3, 2000

  • Peru: The Murderers Makeover, U.S. Intrigue Surrounds Montesinos Affair, RW #1078, November 13, 2000

  • From the CORIM, Seize the New Opportunities to Break the Isolation of Chairman Gonzalo, RW #1077, November 6, 2000

  • Peru's Fujimori: The Perils of a U.S. Puppet, RW #1072, October 1, 2000

  • Tales from Peru's Prisons of Torture, RW #1065, August 6, 2000

  • Election Madness in Peru, RW #1058, June 11, 2000

  • From Peru People's Movement, Don't Vote! The Only Road for the People is People's War, RW #1056, May 28, 2000

  • From IEC, London, Yanamayo Prison Rebellion, RW #1046, March 12, 2000

  • News from the People's War in Peru, Fall 1999 to Winter 2000, RW #1044, February 27, 2000

  • Peru: Revolt at Yanamayo Prison, RW #1043, February 20, 200

  • People's Lawyers Released from Peru Prisons, RW #1026, October 17, 1999

  • On the two-line struggle in the Communist Party of Peru:

  • Lima 'El Diario' Resurfaces! , RW #907, May 18, 1997
  • From El Diario: Armed Actions in Peru , RW #907, May 18, 1997
  • The Takeover of Aucayacu , RW #907, May 18, 1997
  • Anti-RIM Critics from the Cyberswamp: "Virtual Maoism" and Real Opportunism by R. Voina A World To Win, #22, December 1996
  • U.S. Hands Off Peru! , RW #895, February 23, 1997
  • News from the People's War in Peru, August to December 1996, RW #893, February 9, 1997
  • Peru: The Road to Liberation--Strategy and Goals of the Revolution , RW #893, February 9, 1997
  • Rally To The Defence Of Our Red Flag Flying In Peru! by the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, A World To Win magazine
  • The Importance of Studying A World To Win on the Two-Line Struggle in Peru RW #840, January 21, 1996
  • It Is Right to Rebel!
    by the Leading Committee of the Union of Communists of Iran (Sarbedaran)

    A detailed examination of key issues raised by the two-line struggle within the Communist Party of Peru.

    How should a revolutionary movement respond to the inevitable twists and turns of the struggle?

    When are negotiations a useful part of the struggle, and how should people judge whether concessions represent an abandonment of the revolutionary road?

    Why is protracted people's war the road for revolution in the third world?

    Is today's situation favorable or unfavorable for revolution?

    What is the role of leadership, and how do revolutionary communists deal with the danger of losing key revolutionary leaders?

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    Introduction by the , RW

    Part 1: In Peru Today Revolutionary Politics Means Revolutionary War

    Part 2: Twists and Turns in the People's War

    Part 3: The Strategy of Protracted People's War

    Part 4: Know the Enemy, Know Yourself

    Part 5: Dialectics of Maintaining and Developing People's War

    Part 6: Without a People's Army, The People Have Nothing

    Part 7: World Situation and the Revolution in Peru

    Part 8: Peru's Rotten System

    Part 9: The Problem of Leadership

    Part 10: Conclusion


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