How to be part of a mass movement to spread BA’s speech

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Note: the text below is available as downloadable PDF and should be distributed at the preview showings and beyond.

Now that you’ve seen the film, here’s how you can make a real difference.  Bob Avakian (BA) has laid out Why We Need a Revolution and that Making Revolution is actually possible.  Right now most people don’t know why humanity is living in the state it’s in and have no hope for things being any different. That could change dramatically this fall. For all the people looking for a way out and a way to stand up—this speech will change what people think is possible and what people feel they have to accept.

Spreading this film can be the foundation on which a growing movement for revolution takes root and takes shape—spreading the word that there is a revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian, who has developed the science and strategy for an actual emancipating revolution.  Spreading this speech is part of that strategy, of building up the ranks of the Revolution—first in the thousands and then millions in a mass revolutionary movement for fundamental change that can make an actual revolution when the time for that is right.   And even if you are not ready or don’t agree with the whole mission and strategy—or if you are just being introduced to this and considering it—if you think this is a film that needs to be seen then you need to be part of making that happen.

All this ... cannot be done without you.

This fall there needs to be a mass movement around spreading this film.  We don’t have this all figured out yet. The ways and means are there but it is going to take a movement of people going to work on this together, sharing their ideas, resources and stoking collective imagination to come up with ways to break the system’s sound barrier.  We don’t yet know how to make the next crucial jump from 100's of people who come to the previews—to tens of thousands starting with the on-line premiere on October 19.  What each of us does and what we do together in an organized way will make the difference.

So first contribute your thoughts on how we can do this, bring what you know and be part of knitting that together with what other people know and together forging something that has not been done before. We need everyone to bring what they know about breaking through on social media and fundraising. Social media intersects with and amplifies what is happening on the ground and among people in person.  For instance someone in Public Relations just wrote in a vision for how the social media, people out in the street, and light projections, can all be coordinated for maximum effect. The Bob Avakian Institute is proposing that we should find a platform for signing up 500 people to post the film on the same day.  We need everyone to bring your ideas no matter how wild or how small.  Then send reports to on what you’ve been doing. Include pictures to document it.

To begin here are four crucial first steps to begin this process:

1. A movement of preview showings—to groups of people in your neighborhood, showings at Churches, barbershops, community groups, campus showings at dorms, in classrooms and campus organizations. Showings in parks and in living rooms.  People who have been moved by this and think others need to see this can all be enlisted in ways to spread this and bring their ideas to a national movement that they are part of growing. These previews are not just film showings. They are ways to build community and new networks of support for the revolution, they are ways to meet people who want to join the Revolution Clubs or The Bob Avakian Institute.

2. Fundraising to pay for posters, palm cards, and also targeted advertising to get the word out. We need to know what platforms you think would make a difference—so hard-earned money is not wasted.  Send in your ideas and plans for how a people-funded effort can expand, from people with means to the people who have nothing to lose. Raising money for the revolution is necessary but also a great opportunity to create revolutionary spaces where people can live the Points of Attention of the Revolution Clubs and be future people. It’s a way to bring forward support and partisanship among people broadly—many of whom may not be able to be activists but who want to financially support the growth of the revolution and who want to defend it from the attacks being launched by the system to suppress it. Who really want to see it grow and get stronger.

3. Spreading the film on social media. A starting proposal is attached... but it is just that. We need hundreds of people involved including people who have platforms and people who have skills. On the simple.... be sure that you have someone who can video on their phone statements people want to make to be part of spreading this at every preview.  We need memes and artwork that can be shared and photos sent into

4. Street teams that can work together in an organized way to spread the word—from leafleting palmcards and postering, to light projections and getting up murals. If there is a Revolution Club in your city you can join them for an afternoon. If not you can form up your own street team.

Home page for the film:

A speech by Bob Avakian

Here are the key tools to get started:

1. Artwork for:

  • Palm cards
  • Posters
  • Square graphic for social media
  • Stencils to put the name of the film and premiere date on clothing, signs and other personal items

2. A trailer for the film. This will be the first of many promo videos for the speech.

3. Outline for Phone Calls

4. "How to be part of a mass movement to spread BA’s speech"

5. Social media sheet

6. Survey for previews

Available here


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