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Dear readers of REVOLUTION /,

We are launching a Summer Fund Drive starting JULY 1, with a goal of $20K by mid-August. We are doing this as a Supreme Court ruling has imposed forced motherhood — female enslavement. As climate change has already made sections of the planet nearly uninhabitable and humanity faces an existential threat. As a hellish proxy war rages in Ukraine that could explode into a nuclear war. And as fascists are lashing back with violent misogyny, white supremacy, and xenophobia.

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Summer Fundraising


But this is also one of the rare times when revolution becomes more possible. And because of that, the impact of your financial support is magnified exponentially right now.

The revolutionary leader Bob Avakian, BA (whose work is featured at, identifies this, in SOMETHING TERRIBLE, OR SOMETHING TRULY EMANCIPATING:

This rare situation, with the deepening and sharpening conflicts among the ruling powers, and in the society overall, provides a stronger basis and greater openings to break the hold of this system over masses of people…

And as “the normal way” society has been ruled is failing to hold things together—and society is increasingly being ripped apart—this can shake people’s belief that “the way things have always been” is the only way things can be. It can make people more open to questioning—in a real sense it can force people to question—the way things have been, and whether they have to stay that way. And this is all the more likely to happen if the revolutionary forces are out among the people shining a light on the deeper reality of what is happening, and why, and bringing out that there IS an alternative to living this way.

All this, as BA says, must be aimed at revolution. For that to happen, “Everything depends on bringing forward a revolutionary people,” and has a vital role to play in that process.

Your contribution makes it possible for the light BA talks about to shine further and more deeply; for the revolutionary alternative to connect with everyone whose eyes are being opened to that reality; and to bringing forward a revolutionary people. In short, it can make a world of difference.

Here’s what you can do right now:

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“Why I Contribute...”
Our donors and sustainers speak.

June 29, 2022

A donation from a friend in California:

I donated $140 to the RCP because the world situation is so serious that not getting involved in any way I could is irresponsible. A growing conflict in Ukraine that could escalate into a World War and then a nuclear war, resulting in the deaths of millions or even the planet itself, resulting in a reversion to the Stone Age or even non-existence. The reactionary demands from the Republicans to institute a Fascist dictatorship where women, African-Americans, laboring people, and Chicanos are enslaved to a system that openly evokes the morality and social systems of medieval Europe to justify naked exploitation. Rule by open force and embodying the worst aspects of mankind, dragging man down into becoming a mere beast. These things are unacceptable and have to be stopped.

BA is a true freedom fighter and the RCP are heroes to stand up to all this. They have a willingness to fight for social change and freedom, not being curtailed to the fake liberal electoral politics of the Democratic Party.


Feb. 12, 2022

From reader who donated $300:

This contribution is for revcom's international coverage. From documenting the crimes of the capitalist-imperialist system, especially those of the U.S., to shining a light on the inspiring acts of resistance.


Jan. 21, 2022

From fundraisers in Houston:

$203 was raised over the last couple of weeks or so... overwhelmingly from people in cars stopped at red lights. We got out palm cards of BA's new work, and some, though not all, donated to revcom. We went out to rush hour traffic, outside a flea market, and to busy intersections in primarily Black and Latino neighborhoods. People who donated were quite diverse in terms of gender, age, and nationality—Black people, Spanish-speaking immigrants, other foreign-born, and a few white people. We also raised a little money at the MLK Day parade and at small businesses who took palm cards to leave on their counters for their customers.


Jan. 5, 2022

From a $500 donor:

If we have gotten 2/3rds of the way to making the goal of $30,000, then we should aim for making the entire goal by the end of January. With the new talk from BA in hand, there is no reason to fall short. Here's $500.00 towards finishing with a 💥.


Dec. 24, 2021

$20 from creative fund raising

$20 donated by an older Black man in Akron Ohio who has just been following BA for many years, on and off. Since getting the Declaration he has begun to get more serious about revolution. He is intently watching a number of BA's DVD speeches and wants to learn more about the revolution. He is trying to organize other people in his area. He also has a revolutionary change jar and is going to sell some of the revolutionary key chains— a project by a newer revcom. 


Dec. 24, 2021

Supporter "regifts" $50

$50 came from someone who has been around the revolution for a long time. He donated the money he received as a Xmas gift from his work. 


Dec. 14, 2021

From a $1,000 donor

BA’s voice now echoes around the world as we see the glimmer of a new and growing International Revolutionary Communist Movement.  The Revcoms are broadcasting the analysis and tools we need to see through the capitalist/imperialist ruling class curtain of lies, disinformation, puppets, misdirectors, enforcers, etc.  We have BA’s New Synthesis of Communism and therein the direction and BA’s leadership that gives us the potential to not only turn the world right side up but to keep it there.  A whole new world is possible IF WE take up the challenge.  Give like there is no tomorrow because without Revolution, there may be no tomorrow. 


Dec. 10, 2021

From a 90-year-old supporter who donated $50

I have followed Bob Avakian for a long time, and heard him speak at the Mao Memorial more than 40 years ago. Lately, I am not able to be as active. Sometimes I go to things in a wheelchair—I can’t march but I can hold a sign. I try to give a little to a lot of things, like Revolution Books, and the Revolution Club, but is the heart... the trunk... from which the others things spring.  So I want to donate $50 to  I am learning how to do things on the internet, so I will go online right now. [and she did!]
I feel the world situation is making people more open to political ideas than they were five or seven years ago. During coffee hour every morning in my building of seniors, talk is not always political, but I am learning how to draw people out around political ideas. And I draw on the ideas at


Nov. 30, 2021

From a supporter donating the second time:
"… I'm very excited about 12/13/21 and I will let people that I know, know about it. I think that the danger of fascism further consolidating is at a four-alarm fire level, and too many people are either willfully blinding themselves to that danger, and that the Democrats WILL NOT and CANNOT rise to the occasion to react to it. It will be up to us to mobilize people about this danger. (Sort of like, 'Danger, Danger, Will Robinson')"


Nov. 24, 2021

A regular sustainer donated $50 and wrote:
"I heard the GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY verdict and knew I had to join in with the statement, even if only my contribution."


Nov. 23, 2021

From reader who donated $100:
"I donated because we are at a pivotal time in the United States, and the World, where change is going to happen. BA has brilliantly laid out the framework by which humanity can escape the oppression of capitalism. My intent is that the small donation I can provide will help to move towards ending oppression."


Nov. 22, 2021

From someone who donated $200:
"I've been reading a lot recently about the history of anti-colonial struggles of the 1950s-1970s. And the flip side of that is the murderous tactics of the former colonial powers, and the new U.S. empire, to subvert the will of the world's people to be free of colonial domination and rule themselves.  That so many people could be killed so blithely at the instigation of the so-called bastions of civilization and democracy is revolting enough. And now it appears that some of these same tactics could be unleashed by fascists inside the US. The chickens are coming home to roost. The whole world deserves better."


"Excited by the prospect of taking this fund drive and out to others..."

Nov, 17, 2021


As a long time reader of Revolution, I have just made my first contribution to the $30,000 fall/winter fund drive. It will not be my last but what I am really excited by is the prospect of taking this fund drive and out to others. I have already started by reaching out with an email that starts out:

To put it simply and bluntly, there is simply no way to fully understand what is going on in the world today, including the possibilities to wrench a better future for humanity and the planet out of the unfolding horrors of the world around us without, starting with the singular platform it provides for the pathbreaking work of Bob Avakian (BA), the architect of The New Communism and who, without hype, is the most important political leader in the world today.

I go on to provide links to some of BA's most recent pieces along with a couple of other recent articles and the Donate page. I got an immediate response from a couple of academics who both said they were making contributions. Neither of whom read as thoroughly as I would like, but one included an invitation to get together to talk more. The more I have thought about this, the more people come to mind that I can reach out to – activists, academics, family members. There is a long list and I am looking forward to reaching out to all of them – including seeing if some will become regular sustainers. I hope to learn a lot in the process.

While I have always loved Revolution and looked to it for leadership, I feel like the website has made a real leap in the last several months, both in terms of content and format. I think "What You Need to Know and Engage This Week About the World and Revolution" is one of the great new developments at the website. There is so much going on in the world and so much content at the website, it is very helpful to be able to start off by reading this commentary. It makes the site more accessible and helps me focus on key articles and themes. I "anticipate" it and it is the first thing I go to each week.


A reader


Nov. 19, 2021
From someone who donated $100:
"This is for to help the Revcoms build a movement for revolution. I'm outraged, but not surprised by the outcome of the trial of the Hitler Youth Rittenhouse. This is a critical moment and people need revolution instead of fascism."


Nov. 16, 2021
From a retiree who is confronting some serious health issues:
"Thanks for reaching out. I do watch the RNL show...and that was actually a motivating factor in deciding to contribute at this time. I was also inspired to see the revcoms stepping out in front of the courthouse in Kenosha on the national news."