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In This Issue… July 15, 2024 >>
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For The Emancipation of Humanity
From Bob Avakian:
U.S. and Israel: Hands Off the Palestinian People!
The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show
NEW: Repression, Resistance and the Potential for Revolution in Iran
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Two Systems. Two Constitutions. Two Futures.

On The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, by Bob Avakian

It is a fact that, nowhere else, in any actual or proposed founding or guiding document of any government, is there anything like not only the protection but the provision for dissent and intellectual and cultural ferment that is embodied in this Constitution, while this has, as its solid core, a grounding in the socialist transformation of the economy, with the goal of abolishing all exploitation, and the corresponding transformation of the social relations and political institutions, to uproot all oppression, and the promotion, through the educational system and in society as a whole, of an approach that will “enable people to pursue the truth wherever it leads, with a spirit of critical thinking and scientific curiosity, and in this way to continually learn about the world and be better able to contribute to changing it in accordance with the fundamental interests of humanity.”

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Organizing for an Actual Revolution: 7 Key Points >>

Everyone who can’t stand this world, the way it is, needs to be challenged to be part of the revolution that is the way out of this madness. And people need to know there is an actual strategy for making this revolution, based on the key points of the “foundation” and “roadmap” for this revolution in the work by the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian: “Something Terrible, Or Something Truly Emancipating.” The following is the basic means for carrying out this strategy, so that the currently small forces for the revolution that is urgently needed can grow in numbers and strength, quickly in a concentrated way, and become the powerful force that is needed to lead this revolution. Spreading and popularizing these Key Points is also an important part of carrying out this strategy.

Liberalism, “progressivism”—opposition to injustice—and Zionism: you can’t “have it all”—you can’t hold on to Zionism, you can’t be a supporter of Israel, and be consistent in opposing injustice and atrocity

Why Israel actually built up Hamas.

Ending Apartheid as Part of Ending All Oppression—South Africa is Not a “Model.”

Stop the U.S.-Backed Israeli Genocidal War Against Palestine!
The Palestinian People Must Be Free!

Down With the Racist Apartheid State of Israel and Its Master, U.S. Imperialism!

Stop the Repression, Censorship and Blacklisting of Pro-Palestinian Voices!

From the Imperialist U.S.A. to Palestine The People Need Real Revolution
Based on the New Communism!

Hamas Is Not a Force for Liberation!

Anti-Zionism Does NOT Equal Anti-Semitism!

Resource Page on the Genocidal Assault on Palestine — And Israel as an Enforcer of Imperialism >>
Leaflets and Other Materials >>

The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

Every week The RNL Show exposes and digs deep into the roots of the problem that the people here and around the world face and it brings to life the solution through a real revolution to emancipate humanity. Watch the show together with others. Discuss and debate. Use The RNL Show as a guide to provoke, challenge, inspire, and organize for revolution.
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These two articles by Bob Avakian on exploitation—and putting an end to exploitation and oppression— contain a very concentrated and popularized understanding of basic essentials as to what this capitalist-imperialist system actually is, and what it actually rests on, why it has to be overthrown and replaced by a socialist system aiming for a communist world, and what are essential elements of that new society and world.
Bob Avakian Live


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New Possibilities Are Opening Up for Liberatory Revolution In the Midst of Acute Crises and Upheavals of the Capitalist System — It Is Urgent to Organize the Fight For Revolution