Join in coordinated efforts to promote Bob Avakian’s
In the Name of Humanity,
We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America
A Better World IS Possible

February 6, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


Announcing coordinated efforts for the month-long special effort to promote the talk and Q&As from Bob Avakian. We also look forward to hearing from you on scheduled screenings, all the other aspects of the plan... and your ideas, experiences, and questions.

The following national pushes should be seen as nodal points in a month of overall activity and outreach. Think big and broad... what BA speaks to in this compelling and substantive talk and in the Q&As are the most serious answers to the most urgent questions.

In every aspect of this plan, include:

* a public showing on Sunday afternoon or evening that you can be building towards in all your efforts

* social media: ask people to post/tweet/gram about the talk on their social media, get them to follow @tuneintorevcom on the spot, take pictures and video of your outreach, get video testimonials and more.

* organize, organize, organize: everyone you meet should be brought into the process of getting deeply into this talk... and getting it out to others. Strategize with people about their networks and circles... and follow up right away. Make plans together and work with them to see it through. This is likely going to be controversial on many levels... and learning from, and joining that controversy is essential and overall positive even if, in the short run, it has negative elements. We really need to change the terms of debate societally. But spontaneously a lot of people don’t want to “ruffle feathers,” so for this and other reasons, end up backing off. We need to learn more about these pulls on people, and struggle it through—in a good way—learning from them, and working with them to understand all this more deeply, through the back and forth and ups and downs.


Friday, February 9 - Monday, February 12

Make a splash in neighborhoods, busy transit hubs, busy downtown areas and more.

Go out where crowds are gathered in creative and dynamic outreach... do video projections of clips from the talk... take a TV truck or van for on-the-spot showings... play 30-second clips between train stops and blitz with the palm cards and an announcement... all out with the palm cards for the film, putting them in every mailbox, car windshield, and hand to hand... coordinated with a big push on social media.

(Read here for instructions for building your own moving movie theater!)

Make your plans ASAP and start organizing for these now!


Friday, February 16 - Monday, February 19

A weekend of concentrated phone banking. This is Presidents’ Day weekend—an important time to get into the real history of the U.S. and its links to the fascist regime of today.

Invite groups of people to do this together—call your extended family, political contacts, reach out to people of disproportionate influence, anyone who has expressed interest in the movement for revolution or who has deep concerns about the future of humanity. We’ll post a suggested phone script this week, and we look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.

This phone calling can and should start now—especially to organizations, churches etc. But we’ll work together on that weekend aiming for a particular leap in contributions and scheduling collective showings at people’s homes.


Tuesday, February 20 - Wednesday, February 28

All out to the campuses with boldness and radical simplicity—aiming for a major impact and to begin a process of making BA’s work known and engaged among students and professors.

There is a huge and urgent need for the campuses to be shaken up... to link in with and learn from the anger and agonizing people feel, and to challenge the complacency. People need to understand the roots of this regime, be challenged to act and get into the work and leadership of Bob Avakian, the architect of a new communism, which concentrates the way out of the horrors of this system and the potential for a radically different, and far better, world.

Your plan should be multifaceted, aiming to transform, but also learn from and influence the discourse and debate. While this week should represent a major push, it shouldn’t be seen as a flash in the pan—but the beginning of a process.

Saturate the campus with materials about the talk and about BA, various quotes from the film, from BAsics and from These should be unignorable—themselves shaking people out of the day to day. Have tables in and around campus aiming to reach out broadly. Our work should combine mass flyering and going deeply with people in active social investigation. Organize a range of small discussions and clip showings. Go to events happening on campus. Reach out to professors asking to speak in their classes. Work with student groups and others to organize viewings on campus: these can be formal and informal... in a classroom, at a dorm etc. Do nighttime projections in the busy areas around campus. This whole process should be very welcoming, full of learning and struggle—learn from how BA goes at this in the Q&A in this talk.

(For an example of this kind of multifaceted approach, read this correspondence.)


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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